Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — July 30, 2015

I know it’s summer and all, but surely there’s some political news out there somewhere that doesn’t start with #NotTheOnion and ends with Donald Trump.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel:

• Sen. Hatch is drowning in Benjamins. People are asking what that means. I’m not quite sure why, because anyone who has even dipped their toes in the waters of the Orrin Hatch Swimming Pool of Political Aspirations knows that he’s not coming out until he’s belly up.

With $1.5 million already in his account: “You can’t even give that much money away,” notes Matthew Burbank, a political scientist at the University of Utah. (Trib)

On a side note, it should be noted that Burbank is the new Kirk Jowers, quoted by the entire press core for any political story that rises to the surface.

• Utahns are less likely to swear on Twitter. (I told you the political storysphere was a barren wasteland.) Something something U of U professor something something frick heck crap. That said, there’s something to be said for the Trib’s Utah Effect blog effort. It’s got some fun stuff in it.

Around the Hub:

• It’s gotten so dry around the political storyverse that we’re relegated to doing our own. Dan Burton gets a little news from the AG’s office.

“Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes says his office has received calls to investigate Planned Parenthood for wrong doing. While he did not comment on any investigation, in a statement to Utah Politico Hub, Reyes said that Planned Parenthood’s attitude in the videos was ‘cavalier and dehumanizing.'”

• The Paul Mero vs. Connor Boyack slap-fight continues with a 700 word Mero screed against Libertarians slapand how they’re the crazy ones. News Flash big fella: We’re all crazy. The Rs, the Ds, the Ls, and everyone in between. We all think we have the answers, and the fact of the matter is, history tells us the answer is whatever happens to work at the time that doesn’t cause revolt or invasion, or, I suppose, a decent election cycle.


But if none of that interests you, perhaps the fact that Amazon is bringing Top Gear back will!


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