Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — July 6, 2015

The problem we have here is failure to communicate.

A “new” “analysis” shows that Healthy Utah is the best answer for the state in the ACA full Medicaid expansion debate. It was “conducted” by the usual suspects: AARP Utah, Utah Voices for Children and the Utah Health Policy Project. Those organizations have been in favor of the expansion since the beginning. In fact, today’s Dnews story actually says the “new” report is the same as the old report: “The two plans were compared with similar results during the 2015 Legislature.”

Look, if you’re going to use the same arguments as before, you’re going to have to expect the same results as before. House Republicans have concerns about long-term fiscal sustainability using the federal credit card. They have concerns about it impacting existing Medicaid recipients who may be pushed to the back of the line. They have concerns about whether a full expansion would have an adverse affect on personal responsibility. Until a “new” “report” comes out addressing those things, I’m not sure why you’d be putting out press releases. Unless you were completely tone deaf in regards to the audience you’re trying to reach, namely House Republicans. Not that I’m saying you’re completely tone deaf.

• Game on! Mayor Becker’s veneer is starting to show some wear and tear. Former Rep. Jackie Biskupski out-raised the incumbent 2-to-1 since the former fired police chief Burbank. Someone in the Becker camp has got to be a little nervous about that. In what will likely be the only heavyweight race this fall, it’s nice to see that maybe it’ll be a good one. (Trib)

• The Governor’s Office is conducting their own review of DABC complaints to find out whether complaints about the agency are really widespread or just from a single headline writer at the Trib. (Trib. Obviously.)

• The Utah Foundation continues its march toward all day preschool and kindergarten government day care by saying that Colorado is kicking our ass in education metrics. The full report can be found here. I’m thinking there may be something to this comparing Utah to Colorado thing. Next up, pot brownies and free condoms!

• The Hub’s Stan Lockhart was appointed by the governor to fill the empty seat left by the Mark Openshaw tragedy. It’s a good pick, and one that deserve serious consideration by the Senate, who has to consent before anything becomes official. Because I’m a stickler for procedure like that. (KUER)

• And finally, my favorite of the day, the Hub’s Jesse Harris goes to town on Sen. Dabakis’ recent claims about education. Not to mention it saved me from having to do it. Keep doing that, Jesse.

But if none of that interests you, perhaps the fact that Google is working hard to terminate the human race will. Up next? Making machines dream of electric sheep.


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