Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — July 9, 2015

• Utah House funny man, Rules co-chair and all-around decent bloke Rep. Jon Cox has jumped ship for the governor’s office as his communications director. That’s the second Cox the governor has stolen from the ChooseHouse, the place of all things awesome and theft-worthy. You might recall that he grabbed Spencer Cox as his LG a while back. (Who was promptly replaced by Jon Cox.) It should be noted that the governor’s budget boss is Kris Cox, and word on the street is that he’s looking for a place to put Rep. Fred Cox, just so he can complete the set.

We also assume that with a reasonably well-paying gig, this means Jon can get rid of his 1998 Honda Civic and upgrade to something reasonable, like a 2002 Honda Accord. So, congrats on that, I guess. (Trib)

Here at the Hub, Dan Burton breaks down (spins through?) the revolving door between to the governor’s office and the Legislature. It’s one in which the governor’s folks realize that the Legislature is actually a really cool place full of decent people just trying to do their best, and the lawmakers going the other way realize they’ve made a horrible, horrible mistake.

• Utah’s got some cleaning up to do when it comes to state laws and the definition of marriage. The guv says there are hundreds of places things will need to be changed given the recent SCOTUS ruling. We’ve got a pretty decent set up legislative attorneys, though, and by the time they’re done, I’m sure the code books will look fabulous. (Trib)

• There doesn’t appear to be a deadline that state leaders can’t blow right past. First, the Medicaid expansion deal is not going to land by July 31 as hoped. Now, the prison commission, which has been studying the move for approximately 1000 years isn’t going to make its Aug. 1 deadline.

“We want to make a thorough and thoughtful decision, not a quick decision,” said Rep. Brad Wilson.

Well, it’s definitely not quick. So they’ve got that going for them. (Trib)

• Universal police body cams are picking up steam in the Legislature, and a new chief supports them as well. While overall, I think that the cameras provide support for both citizens and officers, there are plenty of complications. How much of the video should be available? All of it, you say? What about all the medical calls they take? That is information protected by federal law. What about secure storage of all that video? Put it on a 1,000 USB drives behind the clerk’s desk? Use the cloud? As much as I wish it were black and white for the black and whites, this is definitely one where some thoughtful debate and procedures are hashed out before we jump in and do something dumb like live-stream an officer taking a bathroom break. (Trib)

RMP is asking for fee increases to, I don’t know, something about rooftop solar not carrying their own weight despite the fact they’re generating their own power. If I’ve got this straight, the big power companies Confusedspent a lot to build the system, and solar means those people don’t pay for the maintenance of said system. The solar folks say they provide a service by selling back excess energy into the grid, which is countered by RMP because that’s only during the sunny time of the day. (KUER/Fox 13)

• At the Hub, John Mulholland tells us that Libertas (is that Lee-bear-tahs or Lib-er-tahs?) wants to take another crack at medical marijuana.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps watching Jim Carrey fall down for 4 minutes will:

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