Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News – June 11, 2015

Summer months are the worst. For news anyway. Let’s just get to the bottom of this barrel, shall we?

• Utah’s new revenge porn law is about to get tested. In short, guy with restraining order sends NSFW pics of former girlfriend to others. (Good4Utah)

“That’s why there is a law in place, something that’s harassing, embarrassing for victims in this matter, a man or woman,” said Lt. Tim Scott. “It’s something taken in private places put out in public as a revenge.”

• Mitt Romney holds court for the GOP presidential hopefuls at his Deer Valley. No word yet on if he’s only invited candidates scoring higher than 10% in the polls.

“Twisting arms to get people to come to Deer Valley in June is not a hard sell,” said Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who blamhas attended past get-togethers. “It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s informative, and it’s inspiring. You get this whole array of very high-profile people who have done amazing things with their lives.” 

Which begs the question, which one of these cats has actually done amazing things in their lives? I mean, no offense, but I’m not sure that shutting down a bridge, sinking an icon of American technology, or saying this: “If I’m president of the United States and you’re thinking about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL [Islamic State], I’m not gonna call a judge,” Graham said. “I’m gonna call a drone and we will kill you” qualifies you as amazing.

• Google Fiber is ready to start building in the SLC. No hint of when the service starts, but building nonetheless. Take it from someone who has it, it’s nifty. (KUER)

River runners are a little wound up over the ordered federal wage hike, which they fear will run them out of business. Cue the minimum wage debate and broken windows in 3… 2… 1… (Trib)

And if none of that interests you, the awesome folks at By Common Consent put together an awesome stock photo with awesome captions gallery that isn’t to be missed. Awesome.


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