Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — June 5, 2015

OK, let’s try this again.

• First up, is it really illegal to taunt a police dog? Apparently, yes. Let that soak in. It’s illegal to taunt a police Mugdog. I can understand that there may be natural consequences to taunting an animal trained to take down suspects. But why add charges? And in this particular case, there were six charges leveled against a guy for “injuring a police animal.” Unfortunately, the story doesn’t say anywhere how the guy actually injured the animal. In fact, by the looks of the mug shot, the head butting he gave the dog’s kennel injured him more than the dog. (Spectrum)

• LDS general authority L. Tom Perry’s funeral is today. Thousands are expected to attend. Quick question [serious]: How do people determine why or where the initial goes in the name titles for LDS authorities? Thomas S. Monson, L. Tom Perry, etc. There are a few blogs out there that asked the same question. The best answer seems to be this:

It’s all about the gravitas.

• Does anyone understand where Rolly is trying to go with his latest column? It’s the most popular link on the Trib as of this writing, and for the life of me, the mental gymnastics he is performing would make the Ute team proud. His target is Superintendent Brad Smith, who, let’s be honest, hasn’t reached Expert level in communications. So Rolly does some snark for four paragraphs about Smith’s latest “have faith in us” speech, but then counters every last thing his said with this paragraph:

Those figures don’t reflect a statewide property tax hike approved a few months ago. And the kernel of truth in Smith’s sentiment is that there is no guarantee that spending more money will automatically mean better results. Money spent well, on target, with clear ideas of what it is for and means of measuring outcomes, is more important than money just spent.

Which is what Smith has been saying all along. Then Rolly goes on to say Utah hates taxes but really should raise taxes because money = education. Just weird.

• Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has thrown his hat in the ring for president. Honestly, folks, is this group, both on the left and right is the best we’ve got in the country, we deserve the results we get. (Forbes)

Around the Hub

• Beau Sorensen breaks down UTA proposals and numbers. First, is Bus Rapid Transit worth it? (Spoiler alert: Beau uses “expensive” “unneccessary” and “boondoggle” in his piece.)

• He follows up with a breakdown of how UTA is doing as a whole. The takeaway is that UTA is going to have to figure out how to get revenue up without continuously building, otherwise they’re going to be in trouble.

• Rep. Jeremy Peterson states the obvious that needs to be stated, which is that the furor boils down to the ever popular rule of NIMBY. Oh, and he wants your feedback. Trust me when I tell you this, Peterson really does want to hear from you.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps the fact that Mark Hamill is as old today as Alec Guiness was when he played Obi-Wan Kenobi in 1977 will. (h/t reddit)



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