Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — May 12, 2015

And now for your daily…

Two Very Different Takes on the Same Story:

• First up, in the Trib we have Christianity getting its butt kicked for the past eight years. Well, the number of Christians, anyway. They’re down to 70 percent of the population, a decline of 8 percent since 2007. As a percentage of population, Mormons have stayed about the same at 1.6 percent. Steady may seem good, but as a Notre Dame professor says in the Trib:

“While many Mormons are coming in the front door, many others are leaving out the back door.”

• While in the Dnews, coming in the front door is, perhaps, a synonym for birth. Mormons still leading the way when it comes to baby-making. It’s a nice little story about how families are awesome, which they are, by the way. But honestly, the story lays it on a little thick, even for Dnews standards:

“Latter-day Saints believe parents are co-creators with God, and that families are central to God’s plan.

“The home is the center core of the LDS Church, and the most sacred relationships in the church are in the family, according to President Boyd K. Packer, president of the faith’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.”

It goes on for several more paragraphs like that. If they keep going on like that, people are going to start using it as a reason they no longer need to go to church on Sunday.

Next up, plants, water and clean air:

• Salt Lake County is going to pass a resolution asking people to use smart water practices. Not the dumb ones they have apparently been using.

• Sen. Mark Madsen is bringing back his medical marijuana bill. Something something, he’s high if thinks he can get this through, something something.

• Gov. Herbert picks the man least likely to ever get yelled at to head the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. Alan Matheson is an all-around good guy with some pretty decent experience in the field. Plus, all the advocacy groups love him, so there’s that.

Next up, UHP: They may have taken away some of our speeding tickets, but they’ll never take away … our revenue! 

• Utah’s spanking new primary seatbelt law goes into effect today. Which means troopers can pull you over and write you a ticket just for that. Anyone else worried that maybe we’re trying a little too hard to get rid of the consequences of evolution? Midday Commentary on Last Night's News -- May 12, 2015

• The Prison Relocation technical team is going to have some public meetings. And by meetings we mean they’ll answer some technical questions but not take any comment. As Sen. Jerry Stevenson put it in the Trib:

“Stevenson sees no reason to “get skewered by the public” while a technical analysis is underway on the five sites under consideration.”

How about, because, I don’t know, you were elected?

• Rep. Jake Anderegg reiterates why he’s against the Affordable Care Act, and why he won’t be voting for Healthy Utah or any other ACA variant. Not for nothing, but if the Governor’s Office and Senate are really going to negotiate something, I hope they’ve got a secret plan. Because their public plan is springing some major leaks.

And finally, the Trib political team has another book coming out. This time it’s Utah’s version of a decades-long shootout at the O.K. Corral — The Huntsmans vs. the Romneys. And they made sure to get “Mormon” in the title.

And if none of that interests you…

A Picasso just sold at auction for nearly $180 million. I wonder if the winner pays in installments.




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