Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — May 13, 2015

• Republican infighting is old news. Between Gov. Hebert’s Medicaid expansion proposal and the County My Vote debacle, it’s getting a little tiring even for the peanut gallery. But Democrats? Bring on the fresh meat!

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams is in a now-very-public fight with his former top adviser-turned Representative Justin Miller. McAdams claims $30,000 is missing from his campaign funds, and Miller claims he was fired for whistleblowing on inappropriate campaign maneuvers. (Trib) Trains

In a press conference Wednesday (that’s today if you’re reading this on Wednesday and not today if you’re reading this any other day), McAdams said that Miller was using campaign funds in excess of $10,000 for personal office space. Also, he said he started receiving reports about poor job performance. He had County Attorney Sim Gill on hand to tell reporters that there was no substance to the racketeering allegations by Miller against McAdams.

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Around the Hub:

• Speaking of CMV, Senior Politico Hubster Stan Lockhart throws some ideas against the wall to get people more involved in the political process. Sadly, my idea of holding caucuses at Cafe Rio did not make the cut.

• Slight less Senior Politico Hubster Dan Burton takes a swing at Sen. Jim Dabakis. Dabakis, known best by his street name “Human Flamethrower”, recently took some pot shots at Republicans over not letting Tesla into town.

• Burton, who retired to a secluded beach years ago and has time to write extensively, also makes a case for private meetings to negotiate over any possible Medicaid expansion in Utah.


• Libertarians are first in line to be labeled a “qualified political party” in Utah, to which they responded “We don’t recognize your authority to qualify us because it’s beyond the scope of your constitutional authority!” (Trib)

• Utah Sen. Mike Lee says he’d be open to a U.S. Supreme Court appointment in the event one of his three friends running for president actually wins. Seems like pretty heady stuff for a guy who suddenly realized he was going to lose his house when he got elected. (MSNBC/Trib)

• These three paragraphs, besides being pure gold, showcase the consequences of Utah’s new anti-discrimination law: (Dnews)

SALT LAKE CITY — At least three men who identify as women recently applied to live in female off-campus student housing but made other arrangements after tenants in the apartment balked at having them as roommates.

But with gender identity now on the list of protected classes in Utah’s fair housing law, a landlord turning away transgender people would be discrimination.

In all three cases, the women and their parents “freaked out” and did not want their daughters sharing living space with someone who is male, even though they say they identify as female, said Paul Smith, executive director of the Utah Apartment Association.

• On the good news front, Utah is leading the way on minority graduation improvements. (Dnews)

• On the Sounds Like Good News, But Maybe Not front, the World Congress of Families is holding their first U.S. convention in Salt Lake City. (KUER)

But if none of that interests you, perhaps knowing why animals eat poop will. Click it. You know you want to.


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