Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — May 19, 2015

Did you see the Pat Bagley cartoon today blistering the Utah Democrats for not standing up for ethical government? With its hilarious, but relevant, take on the two elected officials who are part of the campaign finance accusations they’ve brought against each other?

Yeah, me neither. It was about Republicans in Texas.

Not seeing much in the way of follow-up at the Trib on the news side, or editorializing on the editorializing side. Not for nothing, guys, but it’s the Dnews that’s supposed to be apologists for the organization that it values most.

But I digress… more from the Trib

DABC is cutting staff, at least in part to deal with a half-million dollar cut to its budget. It’s always Boozeworth a look at stuff like this, but journalism is about the “Why?” and it’s nowhere to be found. We have the complaints (sort-of) from staff, and Sen. Mayne has some suggestions. But I can’t find anywhere where anyone asked anybody about why there was going to be a $500,000 cut in a year with a $600 million state surplus and tax increases were handed out like candy.

• Here’s a breakdown of the proposed prison site in Salt Lake City. Mayor Becker and the Council have signed a letter with a list of grievances, which one has to assume the mayor was snickering at while writing, given the green light he basically gave it during the session in exchange for a tax increase option.

• Some on the Council are objecting to how the Mayor is budgeting for next year. The projections used are a bit, well, rosy. That said, Utah has gotten really, really good at projections.


• The other day, lawmakers heading up the prison relocation effort decided not to attending some public Q&As. Well, they changed their minds and are going based on what must have been public feedback. So, kudos for that. I don’t doubt it’ll be a tough crowd, but being elected isn’t all fun and games.


• Utah’s overall wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. But there are some pretty decent sectors that are paying much better, plus, unemployment is practically non-existent and the economy is doing a reasonably good job at growing. Also, I can’t ever find a decent cost-of-living comparison between states. In the story, the Anecdotal Source in the Lede cites a $10,000 pay cut for coming to Utah from Virginia. But does it cost more to live there than here? What other benefits does Utah offer? Sweet outdoor access? Safer city streets? A Seagull army that will save us from grasshopper invasions? Sometimes money isn’t everything.

Around the Hub

• The Polite Politics Podcast continues with Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes.

And if none of that interests you, since this is mostly about politics, here’s a primer on how to spot the lying liars who lie and the lies they tell. The average person hears 10-200 lies a day. But I think you’re way too smart to believe them. And good looking.

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