Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — May 20, 2015

Ooooooooooh, scathing editorial from the Trib today on the Mayor McAdams/Rep. Miller dustup. Ha-ha, kidding. It’s about booze. And they’re calling for it to be run, wait for it, waaaaaait for it: like a business.

Oh sure, health care? Government run. Lands? Government run. Power generation? Government run. The amount of water my toilet can use every time I flush it no matter which restaurant I went to that night? Government.

But alcohol? In the name of the Fosters, the Seagrams and the Heineken Ghost, let our booze flow free!deadhorse

At least Bagley finally got a shot in at that D’s inaction on the issue. Oh, who am I kidding. It’s about the Bushes, Dick Cheney and the Iraq War. Because nothing says local and relevant like a cartoon about a Bush saying something stupid about Iraq. That’s as expected as getting scratched in a game of Catch the Cat.

• KUER does a nice job of breaking down a new law that calls for more equitable visitation time between divorced parents. It encourages courts to bump the non-custodial parent up to 145 days from 110 days. Utah may serve as a model state for dozens of others looking at similar measures. I got nothing snarky here. Seems like a decent kind of thing.

Around the Hub

• And now for something wholly indecent: Jesse Harris takes State Senator and Occasional Mayoral Candidate Jim Dabakis’ claims of gerrymandering and flushes them down the toilet like so much, well,  stuff you flush down the toilet.

• And Holly Richardson ponders what would be easier than being a Democratic campaign consultant in Utah. Hint: toilet flusher is number four.

Back at the Deseret News

• Local Democrat and BYU political science professor Richard Davis bemoans the fact that a lot of fairly wealthy people are running for president who can no longer understand the plight of the middle class. I understand the argument, but let’s get one thing straight: Presidents have, for the most part been pretty insanely wealthy since literally Day 1. (Looking at you, George “I don’t want to be a king” Washington, with your half a billion in today’s dollars wealth.)bastards

• Speaking of insane wealth are the jerks who have it, a family with ties to Utah have been charged with spending much of the $187 million they raised for cancer research on themselves. AND THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE CANCER.


• And finally, there’s a poll out there showing Sen. Mike Lee is doing reasonably well in re-electability. But someone really should do a blog post about the normal up and down of senate term. I bet good money that it’s fairly normal, even for someone perceived as devices as the good senator from I Was Discussing SCOTUS Cases When I was 10.

And if none of that interests you, I’ve watched a lot of hockey in my life, but never have I seen someone hit a header into the goal. The bad news? It was waived off, because, well, hockey. The good news? The Blackhawks went on to win anyway. Suck it, Ducks!

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