Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — May 27, 2015

Quick note to Salt Lake County employees: No one is paid what they think they’re worth. But unless your last Messiname is Messi, that will always be the case. The other thing is that government work has always been about reasonable pay and awesome benefits. If you’re still there in this Utah economy, things ain’t so bad. (Trib)

• Max Roth sits down with Sen. Mike Lee to talk politics. The topics are pretty standard: His sparring with Chris Christie, friendship with presidential candidates, and gay marriage. The real eye-opener here is that there are three parts totaling 14 minutes. In a world of 30-second “stories”, that’s like finding a finding a story about Rep. Justin Miller and Mayor Ben McAdams in the Tribune. (Fox 13)

• Speaking of Utah’s junior senator (and could anyone ever really be the senior senator besides Orrin Hatch? And I mean ever again), Utah Policy’s weekly horse race numbers are out. They’ve chosen Doug Owens as the sacrificial lamb. Result? Not even close. And for the record, most voters apparently don’t really decide on a race until a month before the election. So, you know, 18 months to go.

• John Dougall releases the latest DABC audit (Can we start calling him Brutal Dougall?). It calls out the department for lack of training and lack of retail experience. To which they replied that those are all nice things except that the Legislature keeps cutting their budget. Fair point. (KUER)

• And finally, Sen. Todd Weiler proclaims that Obamacare is the hand Utah has been dealt and the sooner we go with Gov. Herbert’s full Medicaid expansion, the better. I mean, if the Titanic is going down, what else can one do but eat the cake that’s left? (Trib)

And if none of that interests you, perhaps the final piece of the new Star Wars movies being put into place will!

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