Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — May 6, 2015

<RANT>If your news site has auto-starting video when I get there, I’m leaving and never coming back.Midday Commentary on Last Night's News -- May 6, 2015 It took me five tries to find one for our first story…</RANT>

Mike Huckabee is back in the race for president. Of the United States.

• Unrelated, did you know that “idiot”, “moron”, and “imbecile” actually used to be proper medical terminology for people with varying degrees of low IQ? (Thanks, reddit!)

The Trib

• Dixie State University has backed down on its limits to free speech. President Richard Williams released a very nice email in which it starts well with “where even unpopular answers, seemingly absurd ideas, and unconventional thought are not only permitted, but even encouraged.” But then throws it all out the window with “Universities are communities that must balance the requirements of free speech with issues of civility, respect and human dignity.”

Actually, no, no they don’t. In fact, that’s kind of the whole point of free speech: That you get to say things that make people angry and uncomfortable without being muzzled for it.

• Good news everyone! Faster speed limits haven’t meant we all started driving faster. The new 70 mph areas haven’t seen a marked increase in speed. Of course, we’re all apparently driving 75ish, which is where we feel most comfortable. It’s a pretty standard approach to driving — speeds you’re comfortable at and not at a limit.

Around the Hub

• Curt Bentley explores ways Jade Helmet could have been even better.

Midday Commentary on Last Night's News -- May 6, 2015• Jason Williams talks about planning for drought. Your key takeaway? “Unless we find a way to make agriculture less consumptive, Utah’s future could look a lot like California today.”

The Church Deseret News

• Using sophisticated software, the Italians have reversed the aging process on image on the Shroud of Turin to show what Jesus would have looked like as a 12-year-old. If the Shroud of Turin actually covered Jesus, which could be true if Jesus lived in the 1200s, then, hey, cool.

• This one still breaks my heart. The parents of Kiplyn Davis will leave their porch light on until the day they can bring her home. The then-teen went missing 20 years ago.


• Water stories, Day 2! Cedar Valley’s falling water tables are causing real grief.

And if none of that interests you, then this definitely will:

Don’t have the $10,000-$17,000 for the Apple Watch Edition of the, well, Apple watch? There are a couple of places that will do it for $400-$3,500. Take note, though: All that gold doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to need to charge that thing every single night.

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