Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Nov. 13, 2015

Today is Friday the 13th, and you know what that means: Tomorrow is Saturday the 14th. Stop being such a superstitious freak show.

• First up, the largest local district of the Boy Scouts of America, located in the Provo/Orem area, is way, way off on their Friends of Scouting donations this year. The gay thing is taking most of the blame, but the fact Noremains that Friends of Scouting has been water cooler (water fountain?) fodder for years in LDS Church buildings from people who were unclear about where the money went and whether it was actually doing any good. Not to mention repeated stories about salaries that seemed to be skipping the “thrifty” part of the Boy Scout Law.

Perhaps more fundamentally, the Scouting program has been struggling for nearly a decade to mean anything to boys. Leaders aren’t the Scouting leaders of old, and the boys are no longer primarily focused on what Scouting used to be about. Adapt or die, and we’re seeing the latter.

• In more immediate news, the LDS Church continues to clarify their position on kids whose parents are in same-sex marriages. Now we are to understand that the 18-years-old-to-be-baptized rule only applies if their primary residence is with the same-sex couple. In addition, the Trib gives us this: “The clarification sent to lay leaders in the church also said that if a child already has been baptized but is now living with a same-genderWhat couple that the new policy does not “require that his or her membership activities or priesthood privileges be curtailed or that further ordinances be withheld.””

I know the LDS Church feels the need to do something about the current state of affairs. But honestly, this feels more and more like someone was trying to find a standard solution to something there will never EVER be a standard solution for. By introducing “except for” at the top of the authority power structure, you’re really just creating additional questions. And suddenly, BAM, you’re the federal government.

The answer here is to move back toward local supervision, which is where this thing should have stayed anyway.

• God, people do love free stuff. Free lunch, free healthcare, and of course, free education. (Dnews) But Econ 101 tells you there’s no such thing as free anything. What you mean by “free” means “someone else is going to pay for my six years of philosophy classes while I find myself.” Or maybe “free” means “someone else is going to pay the $90,000 in students loans I ran up for a degree that’s going to pay $23,000 a year.”

So if we can all just agree that “free” means some version of “someone else is going to pay,” then that’d be great, mmmm’k?

The governor is willing to take another National Monument as long as it’s part of a lands deal. The governor would like the courts to handle what’s left of the SB 54 mess. And finally, the governor is not going to call a special session to address election issues surrounding SB 54 and the state school board. (Dnews)

The latter seems a bit odd given that lawmakers really, really want some changes before the general session. It’ll be interesting to see how the Legislature responds to his punt on the special session.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps that’s because OMG FALLOUT 4 OMG FALLOUT 4!

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