Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Nov. 23, 2015

SB54 or Syrians refugees, SB54 or Syrian refugees, SB54 or Syrians refugees… Oh hi! This is @sausagegrinder, and you may recognize me from such irregular blog posts as Midday Commentary, and Cooking with Clams.Troy

Today, we’re going to take one more look at the Syrian refugee kerfuffle taking place in Utah, across the country, and across the world. Which is something I really, really don’t want to do.

Anyway, this whole thing is starting to smack of political opportunism. Kidding! It’s been political opportunism the entire damn time. First of all, you’ve gotta be one seriously dedicated jihadist to tell yourself that you’re going to sneak into the United States through the refugee system. No, seriously, it’s a two-year process minimum that is already chock full of interviews and other checks. (CNN)

So if you’ve got jihad on the mind, I’ve got assume there are easier ways to get your nail-filled metal cylinder point across.

But that won’t stop Congress and Republican governors from pretending that every person from the Middlish Easternish part of the world could walk through the immigration door on Ellis Island, through the door of Starbucks, and ruin a roomful of perfectly good limited edition gift cards, each design embellished with Swarovski® crystals and loaded with $50.

Islamic extremism is a real problem. People full of 7.62 mm bullets are a testament to that. Pretending that immigration reform is going to change that AT ALL would be as stupid as, I don’t know, making everyone remove their shoes at the airport.

Here’s Gov. Herbert’s recent statement on the congressional bill making its way through the system. And a story about a letter from POTUS outlining the existing system.

• It’s getting cold outside, and that can mean only one thing: POLLING SEASON IS UPON US!

The Trib gives us a story showing Gov. Herbert is a relatively popular guy. He’s got a 61 percent approval
rating, which is nothing to sneeze at. But it’s definitely a strange number given that he’s been as high as 74 percent in a fall poll. There have been some contentious issues lately, which could have dented his numbers a little: a very public Medicaid expansion fight, tax increases, and Thanksgiving Point I-15 construction. Alright, that last one is on me. I HATE IT SO MUCH.myself

It’ll be interesting to see if his wealthy GOP opponent, who I assume will actually start campaigning at some
point, can make any inroads.

• Francine Giani gets the Doug Robinson treatment over at the Dnews. There aren’t too many people tougher than she is. And funny in a fearless way. From the story:

When Giani is asked if those legislators were in bed with Koerber, she says, “I’d say they were spooning.”

That’s the kind of thing that gets you in trouble with lawmakers. And she really just doesn’t care, which is refreshing in Utah’s political landscape. It’s a bit softball, but still worth a read.

• EnergySolutions has some new life breathed into it, selling its foreign assets and buying up their biggest domestic competitor for $300 million. No, that doesn’t mean Utah will start glowing at night. (Any more than it already does, stupid light pollution.) (KUER)

• The LDS Church must really, really, really, want to change the subject. John Dehlin, he of podcasting excommunicated fame, reasserts (via the Standard-Examiner) that the church is seriously experimenting with shortened Sunday service hours. The plan is to make it two hours and fifteen minutes instead of a thousand hours and fifteen minutes.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps because you’re enjoying this quality video edit. (Courtesy of the Hub’s Dan Burton.)

And let it be known that most of the gifs you see are brought you shamelessly taken from various reddit subs, including /r/reactiongifs, and /r/highqualitygifs.

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