Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Nov. 30, 2015

First things first: to the dude driving the black Accord onto the 6th South offramp, huge kudos to you for your cat-like reflexes when that Subaru pulled into the lane without so much as a second glance. You saved us all.

Now for some news:

• Former Gov. Olene Walker passed away over the weekend. (KUER) She’ll have a lasting impact on the state, whether it was her groundbreaking roles in politics, her Weber State political institution, or the fact that her name is in what seems like half the children books in every last Utah library.

• How do you know if a law is about to be used for something it wasn’t advertised for? When the bureaucrat starts a sentence with: “We have no interest in…” (Trib) As a side note, all the licenses required for various Possiblejobs, including massages, hair dressers, etc. are really getting out of hand. Very few of them are actually necessary, and nearly every single one of them is actually an excuse for industry to jack their tuition prices because you HAVE to have a license to practice.

• And of course the one place where it makes sense to require some understanding of the law — justice courts — doesn’t require any law background whatsoever. We are so dumb.

Rep. Craig Hall would like to make a change so that football coaches and mortgage loan officers would also have to pass the bar before dropping the bomb on your speeding ass.

• You know what we haven’t seen in a few days? A piece in the Deseret News about Mitt Ro… Wait a sec, here we go: A new book says Jeb Bush scared Mitt away from a third run. It’s a reasonable claim on several levels, given that the field looked pretty soft at the time, and the Bush Machine was vaunted, flush with cash, and full of piranhas. We’d find out soon enough that the campaign had a glass jaw — namely the candidate himself. But at the time, it’s understandable that Romney would reconsider a possible run. Lie

Alas, the Deseret News tells us that’s hogwash. And why? Why, because his friends say so. Excelsior!

Now, first of all, Kirk Jowers needs to be retired as a source. And yes, I know I’m guilty of overusing him back in the day. He had a good run, but asking him questions about Mitt Romney is like asking my little brother hard questions about me. He might have dirt, he might even want to dish dirt. But at the end of the day, he never would. I said HE NEVER WOULD, Lucas.

Second of all, this line from former Gov. Mike Leavitt is pure gold:

“I know Jeb well enough to know he wouldn’t talk like that personally,” the former governor said.

First of all, you know damn well Bushes do indeed speak like that. You don’t sit atop one of the most powerful families in this nation’s history and not know how to make a threat. And even if “he wouldn’t talk like that personally”, you know shitdamnhell well that he told someone to do it.

• After years of trying locally, a Congressman who carried a federal bill, and now state leadership freaking out about flat returns on income taxes, it might be the year Utah piles on to the dozens of other states that haveTime passed what’s referred to as e-fairness, mainstreet fairness, or Remote Transaction Parity. Man, that last one
rolls right off the tongue.

In short, Utah has seen an increase in income taxes based on a decent economy. But sales taxes have flattened. Why? Because $185 million a year worth of sales taxes are filtered out by online business that don’t charge tax. I don’t blame them. You can “charge” about 10 percent less than brick and mortar stores doing it that way. To be fair, if you cheapskates would just self-report, there wouldn’t be a problem. But apparently no one likes paying taxes.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps it’s because you’re watching OBJ catch this pass over and over and over…obj

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