Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Nov. 9, 2015

Big news out of the Governor’s Office this morning as he names John Pearce as nominee for the Utah Supreme Court. Pearce was Herbert’s general counsel, which continues the trend of the governor making
picks for influential position that are very close to his inner circle. (Trib)

Midday Commentary on Last Night's News -- Nov. 9, 2015
John Pearce

Pearce is easy to get along with and is also a workhorse when it comes to getting things done.

A quick word of advice: Grow the goatee back, John. You’ve gotta have something to stroke on your chin while making all those big decisions.

• Meanwhile over the weekend, Herbert raised a bazillion dollars at his black tie gala. A point of order: If Midday Commentary on Last Night's News -- Nov. 9, 2015you’ve raised more than a million dollars in one night, maybe, just maybe you could give more than less than one half of one percent of the haul to charity. Or even not do it at all. It just comes off as tacky and a bit tone-deaf to give so little while the collective worth of the room has got to be in the multiple of billions and your own campaign account is as flush as the Overstock.com gold hoard. (Dnews/Business Insider)

• Speaking of the Gov’s event, spotted there was one Jackie Biskupski, shaking hands and smiling like the cat that ate the Ralph Becker. The current mayor has a tough row to hoe if he’s going to overcome Biskupski’s lead. He needs two of every three votes that are still out there, which is as likely as Utah’s election laws ever making any sense. (Trib)

• What is looking more likely is a special session to clean up said election mess created by SB 54, the Republican Party, and El Nino. One would think that this would be resolved by now, but that’s what you’d get for thinking. (KUER)

• I really, really don’t want to dip my toes into this one, but people are being grumpy about the LDS Church’s decision to ban kids from being blessed or baptized if their parents are in a same-sex marriage. On top of that, said couples are now considered apostates. (Trib)

On one hand, it seems like a no-brainer. It’s their church, they can do what they want with it. And obviously, the church has been opposed to the whole “gay” thing for almost as long as they’ve been against “marrying multiple people and even a few who wouldn’t be old enough for a learners permit.”

But there are plenty of what-ifs outside of the emotional reactions. What if one of the gay couple that’s married has an active ex of the other gender who wants their kid baptized, but the kid lives with the couple? I know it’s a small thing, but the logistics of this seem much less cut-and-dry once you get down into it.

Around the Hub:
• There’s one person who can save UTA from itself — God. The next best option may be John Dougall.
Could a mileage tax work in Utah? No. The answer is no. And not because of why you think. It’s because the government would need to GPS your car and track every mile you drove and where you went. And if that doesn’t freak you right the hell out, then maybe you need to go ahead and catch up on your Orwell.
And if none of that interests you, perhaps it’s because you’re waiting for a drone to come down that never will.
Midday Commentary on Last Night's News -- Nov. 9, 2015
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