Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Oct. 9, 2015

After months of silence (both by himself and the media), Justin Miller will be resigning and likely be pleading guilty to communications fraud.

The traditional media was so out of the loop on this one that UPH had it before everyone else. Which is Firedstrange to me given the gravity of the situation. I guess there’s no accounting for not being accountable.

Anyhow, the links:

Miller’s statement

Speaker Hughes’ statement

Minority Leader King’s statement

And the UPH link that started it all this morning. And it looks like Jesse Harris finally got this answer.

• There’s a little more news out there. U.S. House Republicans search for a Speaker candidate they can get behind. Paul Ryan is apparently the guy the Powers That Be want in the chair. He’s disinclined to acquiesce, but is apparently now thinking about it. Rep. Chaffetz said if Ryan gets in, he’ll get out. (NYTimes)

You can say what you want about this race, and Chaffetz in general, but there’s no denying the guy is savvy.

• San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman was named Utah county commissioner of the year. Or, as the Trib puts it: “Convict named Utah’s county commissioner of the year.”

Which is admittedly clever. What’s also clever are the county commissioners who voted Lyman as the best of them. He seems like a decent sort of guy, and it doesn’t hurt that he speaks their sort of federal lands language. He talks small government and has brought together lawmakers to pitch in for his defense fund.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps the NHL’s decision to 3vs3 for OT will. Seriously, non-stop offense. Behold! Four minutes of insanity! 

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