Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Sept. 1, 2015

So I’ve been thinking about this clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue gay marriage licenses despite a Supreme Court ruling. I understand the principle of the thing. I really do. A lot of people take principled Reasonstands in this country. It’s a noble thing.

But that doesn’t make it right. And it certainly shouldn’t be invoking Godwin’s Law. (Hi, UtahGOP Facebook group!) That’s right, our favorite Kentucky clerk is being compared to a judge who refused to follow orders in Nazi Germany.

Honestly, a law allowing gay couples to get married, and half of them to get divorced, is about as far from this as can possibly be imagined. Click that link, damn you, and read what Nazis really did.

Then ask yourself this: If a clerk in, I don’t know, let’s say Kentucky, were to say “I’m only performing Islamic fixed-time marriage. Under God’s authority” — how would you be reacting?

That’s almost the entire point of this country. Freedom of religion allows you to worship how you choose, not allow you to choose how other people worship.

• Moving on to things that don’t make me swear, site curator and shampoo tester Dan Burton tackles the Ashley-Madison data dump.

Unlike stealing money or hanging a “for sale” sign on an elected official’s office door, appearing in Ashley DozensMadison’s database is not so clear-cut a call.

It’s a great point. When should public officials be publicly shamed for being really, really stupid? If an elected official used the site years ago but hasn’t for some time, is it news? If the officials campaign on family values, is it news? If there is an existing affair, is it news? Dan applauds Utah media for their cautious response.

As a side note, Dan claims that he has dozens of readers, which seems a little high to me, but in context it’s probably more than the number of actual women on the Ashley-Madison site.

• John English breaks down which GOP presidential contends should be dropping out and when. As usual, it’s a great list with a couple of exceptions: Fiorina and Walker should be in Tier 3, and Ted Cruz in Tier 2, leaving Carson, Kasich, and Rubio left to bare knuckle for the nominee with Carson crumbling because he has a glass jaw when it comes to actually governing.

• Some in the Utah arts community continue to be displeased with the decision to fire Lynette Hiskey from being the head of the Division of Arts & Museums.

“It appears the department has been taken over by political appointees who have little knowledge, understanding or passion for the arts,” Stewart said. “The arts community has lost trust in the state.”

The Trib breaks down the budget numbers. They aren’t pretty.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps it’s because you’re too busy throwing plastic into the garbage instead of recycling it. The result? Ninety percent of sea birds have plastic in their stomachs. It’s petroleum, dork. It’s doesn’t go away.




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