Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Sept. 28, 2015

So, you may not know this, but last night’s Blood Moon didn’t actually usher in the Apocalypse. It was just another sign of the existing Apocalypse that has been rolling out slowly for months. I mean, Utah Republicans Midday Commentary on Last Night's News -- Sept. 28, 2015proposing the full expansion of Obamacare? LDS church leaders dropping like flies? Donald Trump? The Thanksgiving Point I-15 Construction? It’s madness! And it’s right in front of us! Wake up, sheeple!

So anyway, for more Apocalyptic fun, here’s Fox 13’s gallery. The blood, it runs red!

• In other news, Planned Parenthood did what we knew what they were going to do and sued Gov. Herbert for cutting off their federal funding. I mean, they’ve got a point. But with GOP presidential candidates using it as a talking point and the issue in general being a pillar of the Republican Party, I’m going to assume we’re all in for a long fight. (Trib)

Mark Shurtleff has a trial date, but more interesting is the ongoing pissing match between the state and the feds about who’s in charge and who gets information. It’s a great question one that really needs to be answered before Shurtleff can get a fair trial. The Utah House had to dance the dance with the feds, as well, during their investigation. The balance of power is tipped dangerously toward the feds when a request for information that would ensure a fair trial won’t be shared.

• South Jordan’s mayor opposes the proposed sales tax increase that would go to UTA and other transportation projects. Makes some reasonably sound arguments. But when it comes to free money, who’s got time for reasonable?

• Don’t forget the upcoming legislative GOP caucuses this week where they will discuss the Gang of 6 Medicaid expansion proposal. That will be followed on Oct. 6 by the Healthcare Reform Task Force discussing the plan, and presumably taking public comment, which will be the parade of Wants It and Hates It.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps the fact that there’s flowing water on Mars will.


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