Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News

Good Mid-Day!
• Anyone see the big fight this weekend? You know, the one with the grandstanding, hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, that is all but sure to disappoint in the end? Yeah, Medicaid Expansion.
The Dnews proudly proclaims that both sides are going to leave their “baggage behind.” Well, it parroted the Governor’s Office that said baggage will be left behind. The problem is that Medicaid Expansion, as desperately as the executive branch wants the stalemate to be about politics, is a real disagreement about whether it’s a good idea or not.
And the more the Governor’s Office complains about “politics” when it’s really a disagreement about policy, the more then House is going to dig in.
• Honestly, can anything happen at the DABC without all of us needing a drink after reading about it? New ordering system? DRINK! Security contract cut? DRINK! Customer service woes? DRINK! Can’t we all just have a drink without needing a reason to drink?
• Have you sunk a massive and well-respected company? Lost a 2010 race for Senate by 10 points despite spending millions of your own money and still owe others for it five years later? Then you, too, can be a presidential candidate!
Across the pond:
• Is the press losing its touch when it comes to influencing elections? In the U.K. apparently, where candidates are opting for celebrities with large Twitter followings. (That’s  @UtahPoliticoHub, just fyi.)
Back over here:
• The Salt Lake County Council wants to bring itself into 10 years ago by streaming it’s meetings. Ric Cantrell, paging Ric Cantrell.
• The Libertas Institute, home of Utah’s freedomy goodness and premiere location of people who can tell you what you’re doing wrong, if you’d just listen to them, has a new vice president. DJ Schanz, come on down!
can't keep a SecretAnd if none of that interests you:
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