Midday Commentary on Long Weekend News — May 26, 2015

I’m not saying someone stole $30,000 in campaign cash and admitted it on tape. Or that the rock star of the Democratic party knew about it before the thief was elected to the Utah House of Representatives, but didn’t say anything until after the fact. I’m not saying that the state’s largest newspaper is completely ignoring the topic while instead focusing on completely (though less than smart) legal actions by the state attorney general. I’m not even saying there aren’t other things to be covered. I’m saying that if these guys were Republicans, it would be a non-stop shitstorm the likes of which we haven’t seen since the last time a Republican did something similarly sketchy.

So what are people covering?

Dead Horse No. 1 — SB 45/CMV — Apparently Gov. Herbert has decided to “step in” and stop the “civil war” in the GOP over how they can select their candidates. Not for nothing, Guv, but the courts and the Legislature already decided what’s going to happen. This war was over a long time ago. But hey, if you want to wait until the bloodbath is over, not using your considerable heft to work things out before they get out of hand, if you want to chill while millions are spent by gazillionairs to get petitions signed using false advertising, then take it easy while lawmakers beat the ever-living crap out of each other to get something passed, then ponder things while the party rolls out the worst PR campaign ever while getting its arse handed to it in court, and THEN you want to step in and fix things, by all means, have at it. (Dnews)

Dead Horse No. 2 — Prison Relocation — I’m a little torn on this one. This is an important issue, but it feels like we’ve hashed and rehashed every angle from every advocacy group along the Wasatch Front. Up today? The ACLU and Disability Law Center. (Trib)

Dead Horse No. 3 — Killing people — Rep. Paul Ray, who I think has his heart in the right place, is pushing for the death penalty for child sex traffickers. The problem is that the death penalty is tricky enough as it is. Where do we stop? There are many, many heinous crimes. Why not death for rapists? Why not death for drug dealers? Both of those crimes have massive and negative public impact. Where do we stop?

OK, in the not so Dead Horse category:

• Big day for gay marriage in Utah. One of the couples who sued the state finally got hitched. Totally newsworthy, but if I might propose a follow-up: I want to know when the first divorce happens. That’s when we’ll know it really is mainstream. (KUER)

• The traditionally 100 deadliest days on Utah’s roads have begun. Please, please put the phones away, save the drinking for the not driving part of your summer, and in the name of all that is good and holy, Google, make self driving cars available right now. (KUER/Fortune)

• SLC is probably going to get sued over sexual harassment claims from three female police officers. (KUER)

Around the Hub:

• Stan Lockhart takes exception to John Flores’ recent column, saying that it goes too far, even for Flores. My favorite part:

The funny thing about John’s comments are that he also often writes on the need for civil discourse. Then, when it suits him, he is uncivil.

And if none of that interests you, I KNOW that Redneck Avengers will. You heard me.


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