Midday Commentary on OMFG ELECTIONS AND PRISON! — Aug. 12, 2015

I know the prison relocation decision should be the big news of the day, but since we all knew it was going to SLC since years ago, I’m just going to leave a few links and move on.

• Mayor Becker says they’ll fight the decision, which is just a bit weird since he basically traded a tax increase for the relocation to SLC.

Midday Commentary on OMFG ELECTIONS AND PRISON! -- Aug. 12, 2015• But that can’t possibly have any impact on the fact that he got beaten like a red-headed stepchild in the primary election by former Rep. Jackie Biskupski. (No, it’s OK, I have a red-headed child, I’m not really against gingers. Even if they have no souls behind their cold, dark eyes. So cold.) Also not impacting the race, I’m sure, were his botched handling of the sexual harassment allegations in SLPD, the subsequent firing of the police chief, and the WhiskeyPete episode out of his communications office.

Becker has a lot of work to do if he wants to regain voters’ confidence by November, especially since the billboard thing doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction.

• One more thing: Polls. Now, vaguely speaking, I’m not one to comment on polling. Specifically speaking, I’m definitely one to comment on polling. IN THE RIGHT CORNER, WE HAVE THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE! Now, the Trib’s track record isn’t the greatest, and their polling on the SLC race was a bit hard to swallow showing Biskupski up by 12 points. But they nailed it this time, because IN THE WRONG CORNER, WE HAVE UTAHPOLICY.COM! Their Dan Jones poll done at the same time showed Biskupski down by 3 points, which seemed a lot more reasonable. Alas, reasonable and accurate don’t mean the same thing.

What does that mean going forward? Nothing really, other than the fact that you should be taking every poll you read with a grain of salt. Which is an increasingly dumb saying that should be updated for the information age. Suggestions?

• An election headline in the Daily Herald caught my eye. “Orem vote-by-mail deemed a success, 20 percent voter turnout.

That’s what we’ve descended to — overwhelming success is now defined as being catatonic instead of being in a coma. Honestly, voting literally takes five minutes to do in person. But apparently that’s too hard. So we  mail the ballot TO YOUR HOUSE. But taking the five minutes to fill it out and put it back in the mailbox is STILL too hard. You people disgust me. And not just because you put A1 on steak.

• Tucked away is the news that Salt Lake County has failed in their bid to land a developer for a convention center. Despite the fact that the public was to subsidize it to the tune of $75 million, it just wasn’t sweet enough. That should tell you something about demand. If developers don’t want to do it on their own, and don’t want to do it with a metric ton of taxpayer dollars, then maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities.

• At the Hub, mid-level government employee Tim Donaldson breaks down three types of players in state politics. It’s funny, insightful, and his this: Burn2

As a relevant aside, the only people who seem to care, over a year before the governor’s reelection, who is challenging Governor Herbert in 2016 are those whose family income is at the will of the governor.


But if none of that interests you, and by the turnout at the election it clearly doesn’t, then perhaps the fact that we can turn poo into water will!

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