Midday Commentary on the Weekend News – June 8, 2015

Ben over at Fox 13 pulls an awesome one out of thin air. Take it away, Jake Anderegg!

• The Lehi representative stepped in it deep coming out against the prison and claiming he had support from colleagues, which he does not. But then the real fun began when he went to court over a speeding ticket. Two things here: First, I think the good representative is probably right about police clocking speeders in one zone and ticketing them for that speed in slower zone. That’s a crap move, Five-Oh. Second, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake. If you admit you were doing 60-65 mph, then you know and I know that you were doing the 71 mph you were clocked at. Third thing, (yep, you just double checked that I said “two things”) the bill proposal makes a degree of sense. In the sense that you shouldn’t be able to ticket speeders in a slow zone for speeds they were going in a faster zone.

• Oooooh, Gay Pride Parade. Plenty of “Homo sex is sin” and “Born this way” signs. The Trib has a nice gallery for those who couldn’t make it. Quick booth breakdown: Of the, let’s call it 100 booths, 10 were directly related to the subject at hand, another 10 were issue-driven, and the remaining 80 were pet related. Dogs, cats, whatever. I think it’s safe to say the market knows where the money is.

• Robert Gehrke surfaces to drop a story about fundraising and the AG’s office. It’s an almost impossible Midday Commentary on the Weekend News - June 8, 2015question: How do you make an independent AG’s office, while still providing a competitive election? Don’t give me this “Make them appointed” stuff, either. That only makes them beholden to a governor’s office that has its own agenda. But it’s one thing if politicians raise money by the wheelbarrow full. But where I get all itchy is if the person getting the money can throw your ass in prison or not for a decade. It absolutely IS a different situation. One I don’t have an answer for.

• Canham and Burr drop the first excerpt from their new book: Mormon Rivals: Two Dudes Wiped off the Face of the Public Map The Romneys, the Huntsmans and the Pursuit of Power. It’s good. You should read it.

Around the Hub

• Stan picks up a shovel and starts a beatdown of the local and national media over their treatment of Beatdownpoliticians. Having played both sides of the field on this one, I can say with 100 percent certainty that he is absolutely right. He’s also absolutely wrong. He gives a paragraph of lip service about media being important,   but really, this is a 50-50 proposition. Does the media need to get serious about coverage? Yes. But politicians need to get serious about what they do, too. Just like the media shouldn’t be ignoring, say, hypothetically, an elected officials who stole $30,000 in campaign funds, politicians shouldn’t be ignoring things like, say, hypothetically, legalizing a substance that has large medical effects and very small negative effects.

• Holly breaks down the five stages of political scandal, with GIFs! I do believe the last line sums it up nicely: For the sake of all us, though, the sooner you get to stage 5, the better.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps the fact that the Dallas Cowboys will be using VR headsets to train their quarterbacks will. It’s a fascinating idea, given that Tony Romo was ever only good as a video game quarterback anyway.


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