Midday Commentary on the Weekend News — May 11, 2015

Your PSA of the day:

Midday Commentary on the Weekend News -- May 11, 2015


And now on to the news!

First, up Around the Hub:

• Former GOP party chair Stan Lockhart gives us a CMV history lesson and some very blunt perspective:

“The result is an all-or-nothing approach that has culminated in the Party losing at every turn to get their way. The Party has lost the public relations battle with polling still showing large majorities for an alternate path to the ballot. The Party lost their Legislative battle with their own Republican Legislature super-majority. The Party lost their first court battle and it appears they will lose the next court battle. If this nonsense continues, the Party will next lose voter support.”

• Nerd-in-Residence Jesse Harris breaks down the shrinking role of sales tax. And while Jesse suggests a broadening of the base for property tax, it makes me squirmy. Requiring large amounts of tax on something like your home means you lose your home if you can’t pay a fraction of its value. Insidious.


• Utah passed what might be viewed as some fairly progressive laws this year. Namely, a couple of big tax increases in a year when there was a $600 million surplus; and the much ballyhooed anti-discrimination law. The less noticed one that nevertheless could have the biggest impact is Rep. Hutchings’ drug offender reform  efforts. Keep an eye on that one. (Trib)

• In that vein, Speaker Greg Hughes makes it clear in an op-ed that the Affordable Care Act is not for Utah. This is actually stirs up a tempest, given that the Senate President, the Governor and Hughes recently went to DC to talk to the feds to see if they could get a version as they like it. And they’ve all promised to try to come to a solution by July. If the House holds the line, it’s starting to look Herbert’s ACA expansion dubbed Healthy Utah will be just a midsummer night’s dream. Here’s hoping they can avoid a comedy of errors and instead reach a point where all’s well that ends well. (Daily Herald)

• Also, now that Utah’s version of anti-discrimination is in place, business are trying to figure out exactly what that means for them. (Dnews)

• Some Utah police departments are moving toward a practice of diffusing situations in the face of recent high-profile situations that have resulted in deaths of both citizens and police officers alike. (Trib)

• The Utah Foundation, i.e. We’ve Never Met a Tax Increase We Didn’t Like, is suggesting that Utah needs a plan to handle its public education growth. It’s suggestion? Tax increases, of course! (KUER)

And if none of that interests you:

…maybe why exactly sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them will.


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