Midday Commentary on the Weekend News — May 18, 2015

Well, we finally got a full-throated appeal to ethical government from the left over the weekend in regards to the Mayor McAdams/Rep. Miller slap-fest-a-roo. The leaders of Utah’s Democratic Party, including Peter Corroon, Brian King, Jim Dabakis and Pat Bagley, as well as other self-proclaimed ethical government voices like Alliance for a Better Utah and the Tribune Editorial Board have all weighed in. Links below!


Calling for resignations and ethics investigations and/or resignations just days after news breaks only applies to Republicans caught on tape, I guess.

• To his credit, Curtis Haring over at Utah Political Capitol lit his party up in a well-thought-through blog post about the matter. It’s definitely worth the read:

“It is understandable that the Democratic Party is not interested in attacking one of its own, and it is predictable that they would only want to make definitive statements about resignation only if formal charges are brought before Miller. Utah Democrats could even be excused for not wanting to make harsh statements due to possible civil litigation.

“But, if the Utah Democratic Party wants to maintain any shred of credibility in regards to ethics, they need to make a statement that is clear: lawmakers who are (to use former Chairman Dabakis’ words) crooks or unethical are not welcome within the Democratic Party ranks.”

Ah, well, on to other things…

Around the Hub:

• Don Guymon reminds us that the power to tax is the power to destroy:

“Every dollar we tax citizens is one more dollar they do not have to pay for the basic necessities of life.  One more dollar that they cannot pay for food for a child or essential medicine.  Every property tax increase, puts a citizen on the brink of losing his home.

“Increasing taxes to compensate for inflation may hold the state harmless, but it hurts citizens whose paychecks have not kept pace with inflation.”

• The Hub reposts former Rep. Ryan Wilcox’s thoughts on the loss of former Speaker Becky Lockhart. It’s been four months since the Speaker died from an extremely rare neurological brain disease, and I’ll just leave it at that, because the anger is still dangerously close to the surface.

• The Mero Moment reminds us that there’s always room for forgiveness in politics. Unless it was Dan McCay. That guy’s always got it coming.


• Over at HuffPo, Sen. Steve Urquhart does a decent job tearing down the arguments against Utah’s freshly minted anti-discrimination law, and why the Right should be paying attention:

“The narrative playing out in the media and in state capitals across the country is that LGBT freedom advances only at the detriment of religious liberties, and vice versa. That doesn’t have to be the case. By bringing both sides together with mutual respect and willingness to compromise, we were able to move Utah in the right direction while so many other red states were taking a giant step back. If that’s not a model for the rest of the nation, then I don’t know what is.”

• The Davis County Republicans had their organizing convention over the weekend, and mostly installed a kinder, gentler, SB54-is-happening kind of leadership team, including:

  • Party Chair: Rob Anderson
  • Party Vice Chair: Heather Gardner
  • Party Secretary: Elaine Oaks
  • Party Treasurer: Michael Wolsey

Lindsay Graham is running for president. Of the United States. Look buddy, if we wanted an old-school D.C. insider who wants to keep fighting in the Middle East, we’d just elect Hillary Clinton. (WaPo)

And if none of that interests you, here is the Mother of All charts about what Americans are eating today vs. 40 years ago. Spoiler alert: A lot more High Fructose Corn Syrup and “edible tallow.” Mmmmm, tallow.



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