By David Rogers

As the mid-terms near, we see an escalating trend of disorder within the country. Whether it is shouting down people in restaurants, violent demonstrations and street thuggery in Portland, streams of illegal immigrants heading to storm southern border or homemade envelopes of poison or bombs being mailed to politicians, the crazies our are coming out in number to disrupt the flow of everyday social and political dialogue.

In my last piece, I asked the question as to who the real radicals within the American system are. That question remains in the air, and time and experience will likely provide a coherent answer. However, the fruits of such radical application to a political system inevitably arrive in disturbance, disorder, and chaos. We are seeing that disorder spill into our public domain and it is not encouraging.

Utah pioneer descendants should be familiar with the role of mobocracy in their ancestor’s history. When Saints were persecuted in Missouri and an extermination order was given, the objection was political, not theological. It was then locally published that the Mormons “were becoming so numerous that they may soon possess all of the offices in the County,  threatening the public good that such positions might be held by those so ignorant as to believe they are the recipients of visions and angels”. History is clear on how subsequent events unfolded. It is not that different than the “deplorables” moniker today.

We stand on the precipice of similar events if we are not careful to change course as it relates to political dialog. The swirling noise of caustic rhetoric could easily turn into a torrent of unwelcome actions should balance not be restored. And imbalance seems to be well organized and well-funded these days. But by whom?

Much of what we have seen is the result of decades of progressive power being exercised through entrenched government bureaucracy as much or more than traditional legislative channels, and a current President determined to end that highly unaccountable domination of our public affairs. The biggest problem statists confront is the fact Trump has made progress in whittling down that tremendously bloated, corrupt and faceless bureaucracy, complete with their policies that may or may not reflect any will of the people.

Seeing a populist movement growing in support of these results, and finding that almost complete domination of anti-Trump media propaganda is not slowing this burgeoning allegiance, the radicals are seeing the need for more overt measures.

The caravan of “immigrants” crossing Mexico towards our border is the latest example. It is funded and designed to present Trump and other conservatives with a conundrum. It is a pity that foreign citizens are being recruited for the dirty work. The movement is indeed an invading force determined to create a political furor against conservativism and Trump just prior to the mid-terms. Open border Democrats are grinning at the prospects.

Just a generic movement seeking asylum and not a mob shamelessly attempting to compromise our borders once and for all you say? Then answer a few questions. Why do many in the group have coordinating USAID backpacks? Why are there numerous trucking companies moving people, supplies, port-a-potties and other logistical needs along with the caravan, helping them travel 450 miles from San Pero Sula to Tapachula in just nine days? These considerations are coordinated to have the group miraculously hit our border just prior to Election Day. The composition is almost 85% male with the few women and children placed up front for photo ops. There are correspondents on the ground identifying Middle Eastern men and MS-13 gang members in great number. What objective might they have? Why have independent media correspondents like Cathy Rubio predicted these events were coming as far back as June?

Glenn Beck provides insight into some of these questions here:

Ultimately we see the results of trying to disrupt the system by any means possible to secure the desired optic, with no regard to actual principle or consequence. It is unfortunate that such tactics could result in harm to the participant and observer alike. It is clear that the mobocracy we are seeing, from protestors to uninvited immigrants, is being organized, coordinated and funded for political purposes, and those objectives appear to be diametrically opposed to the Trump agenda. This is how true leftists operate when they cannot be sure the ballot box will guarantee the result they desire. One can only hope that what we are seeing is the zenith of discontent and that order will eventually be restored. Unfortunately, there are many historical examples that suggest we are playing with fire, and lots of good Americans, from North, Central or South, might get burnt.


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