Monkey Business

“The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting this state. That is not going to work. It’s not going to be good for Florida.”  Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis on Fox News, 8/28/18

By David Rogers

The mid-terms of 2018 are a historic watermark in the political history of this country. The Democrat Party is watching its power base rapidly erode among Moderates by virtue of the success of Trump policies. As a result, the Democrats have, unwisely one would argue, swung further to the left, employing quasi-Stalinist tactics to retain their power base at any cost.

It is obvious that the Democrats will employ any method, any stratagem and will go to any length to check the trending conservatism in America. The Florida race is a prime example. DeSantis’ comments immediately brought charges of racism since his opponent is black. Accusations were swift: “That was more than a dog-whistle,” said U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, a West Palm Beach Democrat. “That was absolutely a racist, disgusting statement. I don’t think there’s any other way to interpret it.”

The DeSantis absurdities might still be on the front page were it not for the recent smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats know that his appointment means a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, a situation they find intolerable. So a Dr. Ford suddenly appears claiming to have been groped by a drunken fifteen-year-old Kavanaugh. As Ford delayed any examination of fact another supposed “victim” was located.

Does the truth of the Kavanaugh situation matter? The Democrats are ignoring the lack of any corroborating evidence and the presumption of innocence. What would a singular indiscretion at age fifteen have to do with a thirty-year distinguished career anyway? The Democrats could care less about Ford, women’s rights or anything else. That is obvious from their double standard with their own cadres such as Clinton, Franken and recently Keith Ellison. They care about stopping Kavanaugh, retaking Congress in November and finding a liberal activist replacement for that seat, period.

And this points to the fascistic tactics that will define the election this November. The future of the country is at stake. If the Democrats do not retake the House and Senate, Trump’s policies may check their progressivist overreach for years. It is all or nothing for them and they could care less about law, ethics or decorum. The strategy will be executed repeatedly as follows:

  • If a conservative candidate for any seat or position seems to be viable, the first step is to recruit liberal press to belittle the candidate from every direction. The usual “intolerant”, “racist”, “misogynist” or “unfit” labels will all be utilized. Just ask Arizona representative Paul Gozar how this works. He recently had several siblings (very liberal as opposed to his conservative demeanor) interviewed who described him as “disturbed” and “a person who sometimes says crazy things”. A thorough discrediting in the media is step one.
  • The second step is pure character assassination. This is a notch up from a simple smear. It involves putting forth an image of a low character, even criminal, unqualified for public service. After thirty plus years of a stellar career, Judge Kavanaugh is suddenly being accused of being a molester and drunkard. The accusations are of the thinnest veneer, but the truth of the matter is irrelevant if the lies are repeated often enough perceptions can be changed.
  • If neither of the two methods above work, the next step will likely be voter fraud. From stuffed ballot boxes, to illegal aliens voting, to busloads of voters being chauffeured from one precinct to another to another, to actual electronic switching of vote counts, the Democrats will exercise this nuclear option as needed. If this sounds a bit fantastic, just research the Jill Stein recount in the 2016 election. It was suspended quickly as actual physical ballot counts in heavily Democrat precincts barely approached half of the reported votes for Clinton.

A fourth option will be to mobilize the tens of thousands of paid agitants such as Antifa, Black Lives Matters and other well-funded radical activist groups. We have seen already the left will not hesitate to riot for the subtlest of reasons. Violence is always on the table for the left if it can sow chaos but bring results in terms of public opinion.

All of this monkey business will have one overarching result. The average American voter, the type who wants to work hard, get ahead, and make a good life for their family, will reject such nonsense. Only true leftists and radicals will resonate with such tactics. However, should these underhanded tactics actually work, we will usher in an era of bi-partisan conflict unseen in recent memory. The peaceful management and continued progress of the country is in the balance.

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