More Russian ridiculousness

By David Rogers

About the same time Peter Strzok was sneering and thumbing his nose at a congressional inquiry, Robert Mueller was preparing the next meaningless step in his “Russian investigation”. We are a year and a half and millions of dollars into this charade. It is becoming clearer as time goes on that there is no evidence linking the Trump campaign to anything, and that the Mueller investigation is simply a pathetic attempt to delegitimize a sitting president through contrived bureaucratic scheming. The latest indictments confirm this ongoing farce.

If we recall, it was just this past February that Mueller indicted thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian entities with an “illegal information warfare scheme” to disrupt the 2016 election. Not expecting any response from these unreachable perpetrators, Mueller was shocked when they filed a response and demanded discovery in the case. Those indictments have quietly been shelved. Now a new indictment of 12 Russian GRU officials with hacking and leaking Democrat e-mails keeps the ball temporarily rolling. But in what direction?

Even the most anti-Trump media admits nothing so far is linked directly to Trump or his campaign. The fringe individuals associated with Trump have been indicted on matters having nothing to do with the election. And it appears unlikely that anything could ever come from accusing officers of a foreign power who will likely never answer to such accusations. So what does this all add up to?

The answer is a big Zero. Nada. Nichts. Nothing. Mueller is simply providing fodder for the liberal tomes to pick up and run for several more weeks with anti-Trump headlines. Every “fake news” network regurgitates these “bombshells”. Talking heads bobble up and down as we hear allegations of “so much smoke we must soon see some fire”. Never has anything so thin been made so relevant by so many.

While Trump attempts to reestablish a real working relationship with Russia (a move that is a necessity if any future geopolitical stability is to be achieved) our own deep state bureaucrats continue to smear Russia with spurious charges that undermine our credibility with our traditional foes. Any future peace will be elusive if our enemies cannot trust our own stability. They see and understand the intense internal conflict, even if we do not.

The simple fact is that we hack the Russians, and they hack us, as do many other countries. A professor of cybersecurity at a local University tells me that they thwart a million attempts of cyber hacking a week, mostly from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. We return the favor and conduct cyberwarfare around the world on a daily basis. That is the current lay of the land. It is a far step from “they hacked us” to “they interfered with our election”. To date, there is no evidence whatsoever that bridges that gap.

What is clear, even to the casual observer, is that every effort to delegitimize Trump remains in play. This amounts to nothing short of a soft coup against a sitting President. Trump would be completely justified in firing Mueller, Rosenstein, and Sessions. Of course, with hysterical and adversarial Democrats, an activist press and other sources looking for any excuse, if Trump ever were to mercifully clean house of these clowns, he would be prosecuted for “obstruction of justice”. Thus a new travesty would begin, worse than the current fabrication.

This whole circus puts the functional integrity of the current administration under needless pressure, wasting precious time and resources. It is a constant distraction to more legitimate and pressing matters. Mueller has had more than enough time to turn up any evidence linking Trump to whatever they think might have happened. This whole hootenanny is bad for our country and bad for the democratic process. It needs to be wrapped up in short order.


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