Mueller must go

By David Rogers

The recent charging of Roger Stone has made one thing about the ongoing Mueller investigation abundantly clear: This whole charade is no longer about finding the truth about Russian collusion. It is simply a fabricated counter to the Trump presidency concocted by previous pro-Clinton operatives meant to keep the President off balance by harassing individuals associated with Trump and cast a series of perpetual clouds over the administration. Even worse, the Stone incident illustrates a penchant for Gestapo-like tactics to make a political point. And that is a very dangerous precedent. Mueller must go.

For those who do not know Roger Stone: he is a friend of Trump’s, was briefly involved with the Trump campaign in 2016, is a former political figure that goes as far back as Nixon, and is an outspoken supporter of the Trump presidency. He has been investigated for associations with WikiLeaks during the campaign, but no solid evidence could be identified. Instead, much like General Flynn before, Mueller’s team cooked up the “lying to investigators” angle after Stone voluntarily testified and are determined to bring him to his knees. Interesting how Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, James Clapper, and others on the left who clearly misled similar inquiries in Congress are not being investigated. This seems to be a process reserved primarily for Trump acolytes.

But even more troubling was the way in which they came for Stone. At 5:00 in the morning over two dozen FBI agents with numerous vehicles and a SWAT team, replete with rifles and body armor, crashed into the Stone residence, removing him and his wife in bare feet and pajamas. Coincidentally, a CNN camera crew just happened to feel a “hunch” to show up around that time to film the whole incident (which raises the specter of illegal leaking from Mueller’s office; a prosecutable offense in itself). Stone was paraded in front of the cameras in shackles as he was dragged off for booking.

This is disconcerting beyond expression. It clearly illustrates that Mueller is more concerned with perception than fact and in his position of power that is inexcusable. Roger Stone is aged, does not own a weapon, poses no flight risk and has been completely cooperative in the past. Yet, he is assaulted by a mass of law enforcement assets as if he were a drug kingpin surrounded by a private army of thugs. Simply disgraceful. A simple phone call or knock at the door with two officers and a warrant would have been sufficient, as Stone himself acknowledged.

Even worse, Stone has expressed on Fox News and elsewhere that these procedures are straining him financially. He is semi-retired living off of a modest income. Like Flynn, Mueller’s team undoubtedly wants to force a plea deal in lieu of an expensive defense. Mueller can easily outspend Stone and he knows it. Like Manafort, Cohen, and Flynn before, Mueller seeks to break a man with ties to Trump, but with nothing to do with the original subject of Russian collusion.

This event shows clearly that Mueller’s so-called investigation is nothing more than an impediment through the use of political theatre. To treat Stone as a dangerous fugitive in front of the cameras is so reprehensible that it should create shock and fear in the average citizen. In Mueller’s world, this could happen to anyone. When it is clear that the “Special Prosecutor” is so virulent and out of control, combined with the fact there has been exactly no evidence in two years about anything to do between Trump and Russia (not to mention the cost of this whole show), it is time to wrap things up.

Trump could fire Mueller, but we all know the political firestorm that would create. Instead, Trump should tell Mueller that he has a choice. Lay off Stone and any other unrelated “process crimes” and issue your findings, or Trump will immediately empower the Justice Department to hire a new Special Counsel investigating Mueller, Clinton, Comey and all the other subversives involved in the pay for play events with Uranium One. That ought to get the attention of these elitist, bureaucratic clowns. No matter one’s opinion of the parties involved, America and Roger Stone deserve better than this embarrassment.

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