My kind of crazy

By David Rogers

With the book Fire and Fury, the drums of the newest strategy to remove Trump are beating ever louder. Trump is unfit. He is unstable and incompetent. In short, Trump is crazy. Or…perhaps Trump is not the crazy one. After all, the sanest person in an insane world would be the one with the highest degree of insanity. If Trump is being condemned by the system, is it possible that it is the system that is crazy?

Perhaps it is crazy that we have leadership in America that has not been able to balance our federal budget more than once in the last forty years. We keep spending more than we take in and have little or no assets to show for all that money that has disappeared over decades.

Maybe it is crazy that we have politicians at the highest level, such as Nancy Pelosi, that have been in office for thirty years and have built a net worth tens of millions on a salary of $179,000 a year. Maybe it is crazy that Pelosi and her friends spend billions of dollars a year overseas to promote corporatism and special interests while our own roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure crumble at home.

Maybe it is crazy that we have politicians that let in untold millions of undocumented immigrants, then seek to grant them rights and entitlements as the “humane” thing to do while attempting to create a permanent political underclass that will continue to vote for them as long as the handouts keep coming.

Maybe it is crazy that we had the highest corporate income tax in the world (before the new Tax Reform Bill) but did nothing for decades as those corporations sent jobs and assets overseas to avoid such punitive tax rates. Maybe it is crazy that we have essentially tried to socialize our health care system and only succeeded by calling it a “tax” at the Supreme Court level. Maybe it is crazy that our leaders are calling health care a “right” instead of the commodity it is while killing millions of full-time jobs in the process.

Maybe it is crazy that we are being told that our economy is doing fine and that official inflation rates have only run about 2% to 3% per year. Yet the same pint of ice cream that cost a little over two dollars ten years ago now costs five. Or the same obligatory model of mini-van my wife insists on driving that cost $24,000 in 2005 now costs $47,000.

Maybe I am crazy to question the fact that our dollar, which roughly held the same purchasing power from its inception in the 1700s until 1913 now is worth only about three cents of its value since the formation of the Federal Reserve. Maybe I am crazy to question our decision to take that dollar off the gold standard in 1971 resulting in the current situation of fiat currency that is vulnerable to rampant inflation and manipulation.

Maybe I am crazy to wonder how Congress can have approval ratings of their performance in the single digits from time to time, yet the same old people keep getting re-elected. Somehow, that really does seem crazy to me. Perhaps I am crazy to believe that these same people are marching to an agenda not dictated by what I want as a constituent, but by someone or something else. Maybe I am crazy to watch my constitutional liberties being eroded by that same body of lawmakers, bit by bit. Maybe I am crazy to distrust the entrenched media as they support the same principles that make me so nervous while vilifying anyone (like Trump) who would seek to oppose such goings on.

Maybe I was crazy to vote for Donald Trump and believe that he could actually change any of this mess. Maybe I am crazy to think that it would take a gruff, unpolished businessman to go into Washington and become the proverbial bull in a china shop. Maybe it is crazy, given the current state of madness of our affairs, to think that is exactly what needs to happen if any change were ever to be possible. Maybe I am crazy to believe that Trump has been surrounded and isolated by establishment insiders that are working carefully to check his agenda while simultaneously trying not to upset that base of voters who yearn for such changes.

Maybe I went crazy when I watched Obama shred the Constitution while the media applauded. Or perhaps the last straw was to watch Hillary and her cronies sell us out over the years in a treasonous manner and never get called to the carpet on it. Then again, maybe I am crazy to think anything could ever change at all. Maybe I am crazy to believe that the current course of action Obama and his predecessors put us on would lead to nothing less than the collapse of our Union and that a populist like Trump has any chance to somehow turn the Titanic Ship of State out of the way of the looming icebergs ahead.


If President Donald Trump can somehow miraculously undo even a bit of the damage our leadership has imposed upon this country over the last several administrations, then he is my kind of crazy. I do not care about style points anymore. After all, President Obama was the most diplomatic, sophisticated and polished liar we have ever had in the White House. I care about results. The constitutional underpinnings that made America great are what I care about. And if Trump is a lone voice in Washington for these same values, then I am with him all the way. If he is not, then we are all crazy and it will not matter much, for the madness will eventually win in the end.

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