My Top 8 Thoughts from James Evans’ Appearance on The Doug Wright Show

James Evans

Doug Wright had two guests on his show this morning to discuss the lawsuit against SB54. Guest #1 was Leavitt Partners’ Rich McKeown; Guest #2 was Utah Republican Chairman James Evans.

My Top 8 Thoughts from James Evans' Appearance on The Doug Wright Show
Rich McKeown

1. Doug Wright makes clear he supports Count My Vote and the SB54 compromise, then asks James Evans “What’s the deal?” He did not use a Seinfeld voice though.

2. Rich McKeown cites Exoro/Dan Jones poll that shows support for SB54. Exoro, the group behind Count My Vote. (“Up next, the National Dairy Association released a new poll that shows that milk is awesome!”)

3. Doug says “Poll after poll after poll” shows the majority supports Count My Vote and/or SB54.

4. James cites “vitriol spewed” at tens of thousands of volunteers who donate hundreds of thousands of hours to try to get Republicans elected. “What’s sinister about that?”

5. Rich McKeown says James “confuses vilification with facts.” Says SB54 is the most important piece of legislation to come out in the past decade. Then he has to go to a meeting.

6. James says it’s not the role of government to mandate changes on a political party.

7. Doug brings up former GOP chair Thomas Wright and how he agreed changes needed to happen. Doug blames the central committees for not getting the changes implemented. Quotes Jim Hansen: “Just because I was elected through the caucus/convention system doesn’t make it right.”

8. As James tries to justify the slow changes, I’m thinking “If they’d just raised the threshold from 60% to 65% or 70% for candidates to avoid a primary race, the whole Count My Vote issue could have been avoided.” It probably still would have happened. It partially originated from Sen. Bob Bennett supporters who were upset he was defeated by Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater at convention in 2010.

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