Navajo Presidential Contender Benally Supports Hamas

Hamas Demonstration Against United States

It was announced today in an article by (World News) that Navajo Nation Presidential candidate Moroni Benally supports Hamas in the Gaza conflict.

“Even though we don’t have much, we still have compassion. And that we can afford.” -Navajo presidential contender Moroni Benally in support of Palestinians

By the time the Navajo people were forcibly removed from their homelands, they too were misconstrued in the popular press as “terrorists” and “wild savages,” that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.”(1) With their strategy of “total war,” the U.S. Government and Army participated in exterminating Native Americans, attacking not only warriors but entire tribes and destroying villages. Neither were women and children spared, often massacred. Military campaigns were relentless, even in winter. With their food supplies and livestock destroyed, thousands of Navajo died from diseases or starved to death.Survivors were relocated onto reservations where they were incarcerated.(2)

It was to be expected, then, when members of the Navajo Nation protested Israel‘s occupation and military campaign against Palestinians in Gaza. Denouncing the Navajo Nation’s agriculture involvement and partnership with the State of Israel, they chanted, “From Window Rock to PalestineOccupation is a Crime!” At issue was how the Navajo Nation Council Chambers could remain silent while Israeli Defense Forces were killing innocent Palestinians, including bombing hospitals, schools, mosques, and destroying water treatment and electric plants. Protesters also wanted to know how their leaders could repress their own ancestral history of enduring military occupations and massacres?

If Mr. Benally supports Hamas in their conflict with Israel what does this mean if he becomes president of the Navajo Nation?

Benally has the following photo on his  website outlining what appears to be his political goals, but with his support of  Hamas it raises a concern of how he plans to achieve these goals.


What is Mr. Benally’s intent when he says “Reclaiming Our Sovereignty”?

When Hamas talks about their sovereignty they say things like this:

“Our fingers are on the trigger and our rockets are trained at Tel Aviv,” the official, Mushir al-Masri said, as Egypt struggled to broker a lasting truce between Israel and Hamas, with an Egyptian official saying that Gaza-based militants were refusing to compromise…..

The war stemmed from the killing of three Israeli teens in the West Bank in June. Israel blamed the killings on Hamas and launched a massive arrest campaign, rounding up hundreds of its members in the West Bank, as Hamas and other militants stepped up rocket fire from Gaza.

On July 8 Israel launched a massive air assault on the territory and nine days later it sent in ground troops it said would target rocket launchers and cross-border tunnels built by Hamas for attacks inside Israel.

Nearly 1,900 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, three-quarters of them civilians, according to the United Nations. Israel says some 900 Palestinian militants were among the dead. Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and three civilians inside Israel have also been killed.



So did Mr. Benally really want to compare the Navajo Nation struggles with those of Hamas?

What do you think?



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