We Need a Sean Reyes v Spencer Cox Rap Battle

We Need a Sean Reyes v Spencer Cox Rap Battle
Utah Attorney General Sean “The Pineapple Express” Reyes raps for Mark Halperin.

Utah to every other state: our attorney general is way cooler than yours.

With news about his participation undercover to bust a sex trafficking ring in South America, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is fast establishing his place in Utah (and national?) politics. Recently, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin caught up with Reyes in San Diego, somehow convincing Sean to first rap, then dance the haka, and finally croon like Frank Sinatra (now we know how Reyes snagged Saysha).

Now, we just need a Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox v Attorney General rap battle. Governor Herbert can judge the winner.

Oh, and he also talks about breaking up the sex trafficking ring and what he thinks about a 2016 Romney candidacy.

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