Why #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary are the only sane choices

By Jesse Harris
By Jesse Harris

Fellow Republicans, you know that Trump is an unmoored and unhinged authoritarian. He is a racist and a bigot, two words I rarely use to describe anyone. He thrives on his ignorance and crass machismo that appeals to the basest elements of society. Trump is the ultimate dudebro candidate, bragging about his sexual prowess, conspicuous consumption, and ability to get supporters to beat up opponents as if this would qualify him for anything other than a season or two of Jersey Shore and a few felony assault convictions. This is a dangerous man who would openly abuse any power given him to ruthlessly go after opponents (loosely defined as anyone who more than slightly disagrees with him).

Democrats, you’re not in any position to start gloating. Despite a rather impressive effort by Bernie Sanders, a man with whom I ardently disagree on many things but who seems to be a decent fellow, Hillary Clinton has been working the system from the inside since at least 2008 to make sure this thing is hers. She’s been building the connections for far longer than that, her aspirations for more power being apparent since before I was in high school. Someone who wants power so badly that they will spend literally decades laying the groundwork to obtain it is not to be trusted. A good number of you know full well that Clinton is at least as power-hungry and prone to abuse as Trump and she is just better at keeping it on the down low. She will bring a cloud of scandal and secrecy to anything she touches.

This is really the heart of the matter. Both candidates will assuredly be corrupting power-mad lunatics. The only reason that someone should vote for either is the hyper-partisan insanity that at least that power and corruption will be aimed at The Other Side. Begging at the table for those scraps of policy you don’t find objectionable is degrading, yet most of you will do that.

I prefer a different way.

This is a moment when all Americans should find their moral compass and exercise the intestinal fortitude to say “no, these people are the unfit worst of society and should not lead us.” I don’t care if you pick Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or write in Mickey Mouse. Voting for Trump or Clinton is morally and politically bankrupt. There is not a redeeming quality to be found between the two of them. These are not compromise candidates; they are capitulation candidates, an admission that your party identity is more important than your political principles and your identity as an American. Save your dignity by rejecting these crass authoritarians in November, even if you’re certain one of them will surely win.

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