New Year’s Resolutions for America

New Year's Resolutions for America
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A new year is upon us. A look back on 2014 seems to illicit more questions than offer answers. Politically it was a volatile year with much intrigue and endless story lines from Washington. With a new year arriving much too rapidly, we must forge ahead under tenuous circumstances. With an ever hopeful eye to the future, I post a few New Year’s resolutions for 2015.

Rather than typical talk about diet, exercise, more time with family and friends or the other standard stuff that comprises so many resolutions, I will list a few wishes for our beleaguered country that I believe will help change America, and thus the lives of everyone in her borders for the better in the coming year. America has suffered for some time now. Lack of leadership, capitalist cronyism, the stranglehold of special interests and now closet Alinsky liberals trying to reshape our country in the visage of a socialist pipe dream have weakened America for too long. It is high time for some serious New Year’s resolutions for the folks in Washington to consider:

  • It is time for tax reform. Reduce the federal income tax rate to a level 10% or eliminate it completely. Corporations and individuals all get treated the same. Write-offs are reduced or eliminated. Create all other income sources for the Feds as a universal consumption tax. Reduce the IRS bureaucracy by half or more in the process. Harping on income equality? How about tax rate equality?
  • Pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. If an individual or company is generally not allowed to spend more money than they earn, assuming reasonable credit management, neither should our government. If a Congress or President passes a budget that does not balance, new candidates are brought forward, special elections are called and all who voted in the deficit budget lose the right to their office.
  • Institute serious tort reform. Frivolous lawsuits should be thrown out or eliminated. This goes for individuals, companies and especially environmentalists who will sue any time something significant needs to be developed on a piece of government land.
  • Draft a comprehensive energy policy, including the Keystone XL pipeline, to turn the U.S. into an oil exporting country within five to seven years. Create fast track processes to access our oil, coal and natural gas resources and tell the entire Middle East to sell their goods somewhere else. See how well radical groups such as ISIL prosper without U.S. petro dollars. See how quickly we can reduce the national debt with a tenfold (or more) influx of other countries’ petro dollars. See how many jobs and thriving economic windfalls hit states like Utah, Colorado and the Dakotas.
  • Secure the borders and create a simple and straightforward way for peoples from other countries to achieve citizenship if they will assimilate and contribute to the fabric and dreams that have defined America. If they are not interested in becoming productive members of society, ship ‘em out.
  • Re-institute the military draft. Make every able-bodied young man (and however many interested young women) spend time in service and training for this country for fifteen to twenty months. Include not just field training, but ethics, government, social, leadership and life skills. Create a rotation that requires time in service in underprivileged, oppressed or deep third world areas so that they may learn a true perspective of the privileges of being an American. Have people of Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and Native American heritage serve and work together towards common goals and projects that benefit others. See if this does not re-define some of the nonsensical racial or anti-cop/anti-establishment rhetoric plaguing the country via sensationalist media.
  • Create laws that require those serving in the Executive Branch and Congress to conform to three rules: First, all laws they pass for the general public also apply fully to them. Second, they are only allowed to earn their congressional salary. Any other income outside of prior family money that comes to them while in office must be donated to approved charities or into the national treasury. Lastly, term limits for any office in Congress is limited to twelve years which, without the cronyism, should be plenty.

These resolutions may seem impossible at worst, or at best somewhat oversimplified or naïve. But if they are given serious thought, imagine how strict adherence to the principles outlined in these resolutions might change, revitalize and cure some of the ills that currently beset our country. We are certainly in need of an injection of a little bit of common sense in the year to come. These resolutions provide a framework for at least a bit of sense. If, in the words of Bono himself, “The idea of America” is ever to survive, some resolutions along these lines had best receive some real consideration.

(Credit: Wikipedia Commons)
(Credit: Wikipedia Commons)
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