No Peaceful Outcome?

By David Rogers

Since the days of George Washington, the peaceful transfer of power from President to President in the United States has become a unique historical precedent. We forget that in the vast fabric of history this was a first, a singular event. The cornerstone of our new Republic. In last week’s presidential debate, Joe Biden accused Trump of precisely what he and his Party are guilty of. Not accepting a peaceful transfer of power.

Trump rightfully responded in the debate that the Democrats have not accepted his election results since November of 2016 and have done all in their power to stymie the transition from Obama to his administration. And Trump is correct. Russia gate, Stormy gate, Ukraine Impeachment, and numerous other fallacious strategies have been devised to derail him since before he took office. The hounding from the left has been relentless with one objective – unseat a duly elected President.

If we have a free and fair election, Trump will win in the neighborhood of forty states. This is an on-the-ground fact. The fake polls showing Biden in the lead are pure fiction. Many Trump supporters will not participate in such polls. Trump holds rallies to standing room only crowds with wait lines circling around four city blocks. Biden and Harris held a rally the other day in Phoenix and not one soul outside of the media showed up. Biden is an empty vessel with early-onset dementia, his campaign an utter fraud. Harris is the defacto presidential candidate and even staunch Democrats know Biden will not last six months if elected.

Platforms aside, Trump is the clear and only choice if America is to remain America in the future. Voters, even many low information voters, are catching on. Trump’s numbers are also rising quickly among Hispanics and Black voters, traditional Democrat strongholds. A fair election will see a Trump victory similar to Raegan in 1984. So the Biden campaign, well aware of the problem, being financed, run and advised by the left-most elements of the Democrat Party have one overarching strategy. Cheat and obfuscate, throwing as much turmoil into the process as possible.

And so we see a flurry of mail-in balloting with last-minute changes in voter laws being crammed through courts in battleground states with liberal governors like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Even in traditionally blue strongholds like New Jersey, Trump’s numbers are rising to the point that postal workers dumped 8,000 mail-in ballots for Trump off the side of a road. Expect similar difficulties in House and Senate races across the country as the Democrats seek to monopolize all branches of government. And so the cheating begins.

There are innumerable ways to fix mail-in balloting. Research Tom Spencer with the Lawyer’s Democracy Fund for a primer. If the Democrats cannot ballot harvest sufficiently to put Biden over the top, they will contest the election claiming suppression on Trump’s campaign taking it to the Supreme Court if necessary (thus their apprehension over Amy Coney Barrett). When Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi say openly on mainstream news that Biden should “not concede the election under any circumstances” take such threats seriously. Prager U posted a summary of such difficulties here:

Worse, paid agitators, funded by Soros dollars through numerous leftist organizations such as Black Live Matters, Antifa, Organizing for America, and so on, will take to the streets in protest and we will see violent incidents such as we recently saw in Minneapolis multiplied a hundredfold. Democrat leaders and the media will parrot the voter suppression narrative as agitators tear down our system and society.

If Trump by some artifice loses the election, the same leftist activists will be emboldened to take to the streets demanding immediate change and retribution for any Trump “White Supremacist” sympathizers, but will undoubtedly be met by right-wing activists that will be angry at a stolen election. This could quickly spiral into nothing short of a civil war.

Democrat leaders are so desperate to regain and maintain power, determined to devolve the country into a one-party Socialist system, that they will not hesitate to sacrifice societal order to do so. This is fundamentally insurrection against the current administration. Yet Biden and Harris maintain they represent the will of the people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In short, the situation is already so volatile that it will take a miracle to guarantee a peaceful transition of power into the next administration, be it a Trump or Biden presidency. The fate of our nation literally hangs in the balance. If order cannot be established and election fraud checked on all fronts, we are in for a very bumpy winter.

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