Obama fails on gun violence

President Obama has been given an excellent opportunity to address gun violence, and it appears as though he is going to do nothing meaningful about it.

Obama fails on gun violence
by Jeremy Roberts

Of the 33,000 annual deaths from firearms, 60 percent is suicide and upwards of 25 percent is the result of America’s war on drugs. And rather than address two issues that account for 85 percent of gun deaths, he punts and will focus on gun show background checks. This when the FBI tells us 2 percent of guns used in crimes were purchased at gun shows and the vast majority of those purchases have background checks.

The president could address alcohol abuse, where 40 percent of murders involve alcohol. He could make sure Americans are aware the ACA mandates substance abuse and mental health coverage. He could introduce a plan to deal with inner-city violence, champion education, poverty or the broken family.
But no. He’ll do none of that. And because of that, he has failed us.

Originally posted on the Salt Lake Tribune website. Reposted with permission.

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