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“I look at this through a very pragmatic lens. I didn’t read a book one day and say I’m a socialist. I believe in health care for all, I believe in education for all, I believe in housing as a human right and if people are going to call me a socialist for believing in those things, I’m like, alright, I don’t give a damn.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, August, 22nd NPR Interview.

By David Rogers

Recently, the New York Fourteenth District incumbent, Representative Joe Crowley (the likely successor to Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader) was unexpectedly defeated in a primary by a young, attractive, self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This twenty-eight-year-old plebeian was immediately celebrated and trotted out onto the national talk show circuit as the new face of the Democrat Party. She then proceeded to fall on her fresh, new face repeatedly. Based on her string of interviews, one wonders if she has ever read a book on political theory at all.

After continual misadventures of asinine and incoherent interviews in the mainstream media, Ocasio-Cortez has been kept a bit more under wraps in the last week or so. With comments such as “the unemployment rate is low in America because everyone has two jobs” to other babbling and naïve nonsense, Ocasio-Cortez’s sudden but inadequate celebrity sets the stage for a frightening mid-term election in November.

Haled as the new Democrat darling, this candidate illustrates the continual shift of the Democrat Party. She is further left than Bernie Sanders and stands on an emotionally charged but policy deficient platform to appeal to and turn out a new generation of enthused young voters. The Democrats are not edging further left, they are sprinting straight into mainstream socialist ideology unapologetically.

The only problem with this picture is that such positions are openly anti-free market, irresponsible and generally just plain crazy. Meanwhile the left-leaning activist “journalists” give Ocasio-Cortez interview after interview and applaud like a group of trained seals. Many unsuspecting young voters are swept up in the wave of “new energy” Ocasio-Cortez is being packaged with. But they fail to understand the implications of her unrealistic stances.

If the Democrats really want a blue wave in November, this seems like a poor strategy. Ocasio-Cortez is not the intellectual policy expert that the independents and middle-of-the-road undecideds want to hear from this coming November. Even traditional Democrat mainstays like Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are being asked to step down because they are “too conservative”. If the Democrats are presenting this as their future platform, they are setting themselves up for failure.

The fact is, both parties know what is at stake this November. The main goal on both sides of the aisle, with virtually all Democrats and many RINO Republicans, is to derail the Trump agenda. Trump is actually starting to drain little corners of the swamp and push toward long-unseen rational policies. Those policies point to far fewer federal programs and employees suckling off the taxpayer’s teat and an America-first foreign policy that is remarkably not backfiring but creating new domestic opportunity. The economy is responding in kind as some semblance of prosperity is being restored, at least for the moment.

The Supreme Court is up for grabs and the faceless, bloated bureaucracy is being revealed openly to the public as a non-representative and vampirical blight on our country. RINO Republicans need to see a more even distribution of congressional Democrats so they can deflect the blame when the inevitable attempts at restoring swampish regularities are undertaken via impeachment attempts or some other disorder. Trump must be stopped if the special interest order in Washington is to be restored.

Voters are beginning to notice these shenanigans. They sense things are getting better under Trump, and that despite the left offering no bi-partisan support, an activist media smearing Trump daily and Clinton loyalists gunning openly to oust Trump via any possible subterfuge and preserve their hold on power. After decades of political malaise, people are beginning to awaken. Americans, more than almost anything, desire a sense of fairness. And this tomfoolery does not seem very fair or sporting at all, particularly in light of the fact Trump is getting results.

If the Democrats believe that doubling down on division and mayhem (repeatedly declaring their machinations Trump’s fault) is a sound course of action, November will be a big disappointment for them. They are aiming beyond an anti-Trump agenda and firing directly into a socialist takeover. If they continue to parade Ocasio-Cortez and other radical left candidates like her in public and declare her the new darling of the Party, a lot of voters will be rolling their eyes in response. The results will become evident in just a few short months.


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