An open letter to Republican state delegates about misleading campaign messages

by Beau Sorensen

Dear Delegate,

It has recently come to my attention that certain elements inside the Republican Party are working hard to make sure that you vote for their hand-picked candidate. The clues are very subtle, but if you know what to look for, you will soon discover the clues this cabal is using to manipulate you into doing exactly what they want. Here are the subtleties that they are hiding from you:

  1. Margaret Dayton’s recent mailer refers to her as “Utah’s Iron Lady.” This sounds like a good thing until you reach below the surface to discover what it really means. The original Iron Lady was Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative. So far, so good, right? Just wait and you will see how nefarious it is. Conservatives in Britain were pro-globalist, New World Order-loving EUphiles. They opposed Brexit, so it stands to reason that Margaret Thatcher would have. And it stands to reason that Margaret Dayton would have. If she opposes Brexit, that means that she is pro-Agenda 21 and supports the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, paving the way for a hemispheric government led by the United Nations.
  2. Deidre Henderson’s website declares that she wants to modernize our tax system. Again, this is a fine talking point. Once you peel back the layers, you find that tax reform is code for “make everyone’s taxes the same as New York City’s.” According to the ratings at, her votes are more liberal than noted Democratic ne’er-do-well Jim Dabakis.
  3. John Curtis is well known as a former Democrat who is taking advantage of time and the ability to change your views and your party to try and turn Utah from a conservative Republican state into the next California. During his tenure as Provo’s mayor, he has treated the city like an abused concubine, adding new buildings and restaurants to his harem. It’s a well-documented fact that he fired the police chief because he was getting too close to uncovering the nearly 200,000 abuses of power he has committed. Additionally, as a Democrat and someone who has planned for the future via Vision 2030, he supports Agenda 21. Furthermore, he has used the empty RC Willey property in downtown Provo as an informal prison for those who have opposed his reign.
  4. Chris Herrod sounds like the most conservative candidate at first glance. However, his curriculum vitae has some serious red flags. First, he has had business dealings in Russia, meaning that he is personal friends with Vladimir Putin. Putin was the one who set up Chris and his wife, Alla. She is a known Ukrainian separatist who was in charge of a tank battalion for Russian-backed separatists in the Crimea. Chris’ time in Kharkov was marked by numerous false flag attacks against the Ukrainian government. He has also held meetings with Jason Zimba, creator of Common Core. He is working to brainwash our children as part of a master plan to win the Cold War.
  5. Tanner Ainge hates America because he bypassed the Caucus system that was put in place by our founding fathers, under the direction of God Himself. Clearly, a candidate who bypasses the system that God created cannot be trusted as anything other than a Gadianton unicorn. If that wasn’t enough, his good time buddies in the Silicon Slopes are ready to flood the state with California liberals, taking down our venerated institutions with a tide of debauchery and outrageous spending.
  6. Brad Daw works in the software industry, which is full of noted liberals and destroyers of family values. He has been instrumental in gutting American manufacturing, personally sending over 1 million jobs overseas to China and India. His jobs plan involves taking every Utah job and outsourcing it to the Philippines.
  7. Keith Kuder is from California, which means he is a raving liberal at heart. Clearly, he cannot be trusted with anything.
  8. Damian Kidd is a lawyer who…is a lawyer. He makes a living exploiting babies, handicapped people, and puppies. He dared to challenge the only legislator who was willing to stand up to Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert, and the internet. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his only goal is to destroy America.

Ultimately, the only good choice is to choose the one who is being forced to resign, Jason Chaffetz. Republican leaders have declared that you cannot vote for an undeclared candidate, however, you are a delegate and have the power to make decisions even if those decisions are not the decisions that others would have you decide. Instead of accepting the agenda, make a motion to force Jason Chaffetz to run again to save our state and our country.

In case it’s not obvious yet, the above post is satirical. 

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