Orrin Hatch in the Senate by the Numbers

Last Thursday on the Doug Wright Show, Senator Orrin Hatch mentioned that he would run for Senate again “if the nation needed him.” He has previously said that he has run his last election in 2012, 2006, and 2000; therefore we may yet see him serve Utah for many years to come.

A few facts and figures to put Orrin Hatch’s in the Senate time in perspective:

  • SENIORITY”: The 37 years (and counting) that Senator Hatch has been in the Senate means that 60% of Utahns weren’t born before he was elected the first time. (source: American FactFinder)

Orrin Hatch in the Senate by the Numbers

  • OUTLASTS DICTATORS: Senator Hatch has served in office longer than Mao Tse-Tung (37 years vs. a mere 31 years).Orrin Hatch in the Senate by the Numbers
  • LIKE THE ENERGIZER BUNNY: If Senator Hatch finishes his 7th term, he will be the 5th longest serving senator in US history. If he is elected to an 8th term in 2018 and lives to serve his entire term, he will pass Senators Kennedy and Thurmond on the list. If he is then elected to his 9th term in 2024, he will have the opportunity to pass Senators Byrd and Inouye to become the longest serving Senator in US History.
  • BUT NO BEARD: Senator Hatch has served as Utah’s Senator longer than Brigham Young served as prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • COMIC RELIEF: The character Jean Grey from Marvel Comics’ X-Men has died 13 times and been resurrected 12 times during Senator Hatch’s tenure.
  • REBOOTS AND SEQUELS: There have been 12 Star Trek movies with 3 different casts, 6 Star Wars movies, 7 Batman movies, and 3 Superman reboots since Senator Hatch was elected.
  • BERLIN WALL: The Berlin Wall was more transitory than Senator Hatch. It was only up for 28 years.
  • CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISING: From 1989 to date, Senator Hatch has raised over $29 million for his campaign. This is less than half of what Walter White earned in less than a year peddling meth in Breaking Bad.
  • NATIONAL DEBT: The US national debt has gone from $698 billion to nearly $18 trillion (and counting) while he has been in office – an increase of $17.3 trillion or over twenty-five times what it was when he took office.
  • TAXES: The top marginal tax rate when Senator Hatch was elected was 70%. Today it is 35%, or about half.
  • TECHNOLOGY: The internet didn’t exist when Senator Hatch was first elected. Then again, neither did personal computers. 
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