Our Dystopian Existence

“Ay, sir; to be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.”

— Hamlet, from “Hamlet”

by Harry Caines

Has it really been 14 months since I last submitted a column to Utah Politico Hub? Let’s check the archives. Yes, indeed. And now, at least temporarily, the hibernation is over. 

Time does fly when you are in constant anguish due to your civil liberties being stripped from you, your entire way of life has been forcibly altered and the people elected to serve you believe they are your parents that control every facet of your existence. 

And we did all of this for an eclectic flu bug.

That is what Covid-19 turned out to be, a flu bug. Locking ourselves indoors was counterproductive in multiple ways. Being outdoors, around people, and in the sun was the best defense against this peculiar virus.

Masks were useless. These face diapers were meant to signify our willingness to hand over our self-esteem with the resignation of a broken, feckless herd of sheep. I never wore a mask. Not since Halloween 1982. I maintained my manhood and my dignity. Whatever else I might have been relegated to in this last year, I did not yield to being treated like a woman in a fundamentalist Muslim country. 

Allowing elected politicians—the most unimpressive people in America—to have near-autonomous dominion of our lives, under the guise of fighting a pandemic, has provided the playbook which all future despots will read and implement to keep future generations scared, irrational, and subservient. 

Having those elected politicians handoff decisions on what freedoms we were allowed to keep and which would be taken from us without a vote or petition to dissent to health officials who nearly all turned out to be partisan, leftist, political bureaucrats proved for the umpteenth time that there is no more powerful intoxicant for humans than control over other people. 

The beatification of Anthony Fauci and other health officials should have been exorcised the moment they said it was only allowed to be in large crowds to protest the death of George Floyd. America’s top virologists—at least those not banned from posting on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube for being apostates to the Church of Covid Hysteria—spoke with one voice that a non-sentient coronavirus will not pass from one protestor to another out of an altruistic sense of solidarity for the righteous causes of social justice, setting fires to government buildings and looting Nike stores. 

The edict was clear:

If you want to open your small business to pay your rent, tough! Starve! If you want to shout quasi-Marxist slogans whilst pillaging an iPhone store, go with impunity and immunity. 

America lost itself in the summer of 2020. The sight of rocks being thrown at police officers, buildings burning without a firehose to be found nearby, and the belief that societal chaos was a justifiable outcome for the death of one Black man—but with nary a mention of the hundreds of Black men and children killed on the streets of big cities across the country annually—was nightly viewing in the hellscape that was the summer of 2020. I argued then, and believe now, that this is the fait accompli for a country that had allowed vitriolic, racist language to be spouted off by leftist intellectuals to go unchallenged.

It used to be the responsibility of the American media to challenge people in elected offices, or those in a position of prominence and stature, who made dubious claims about the implicit malice of any group of Americans. 

Today, what I refer to as the Corporate Media (proper noun intended), are no more than propagandist agents missioned to ruin anyone that interferes with the ascent of Marxists in the Democratic Party in their goal of attaining unquestioned authority. 

Real journalists that sincerely blanket themselves in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution would not promulgate the tyrannical ideas of any power base. The talking heads of television news coupled with the Internet blue-check pseudo-journalists that fester on Twitter run interference for their ideological idols. These multi-billion dollar media platforms are nothing more than acquiescent apparatchiks that would use their mammoth bullhorn to destroy you if purposely or accidentally interfered with the narrative they regurgitate ad nauseum.

Ask Kyle Rittenhouse if that is true. If you cannot get a hold of him, try giving Nicholas Sandmann a ring. 

Some of you might have noticed that I have not mentioned the 45th President of the United States in this comeback column. That is intentional. I have much to say about him. I want to give his name a rest for now. There is one comment I will make about the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. If you really believe that Joe Biden, an unremarkable man who is in obvious mental decline, received 81 million legitimate votes to be the 46th President of the United States, then you are a fanatical minion to a cause that you cannot readily define. You are terminally stupid.

Name one person you know that thinks 2020 Anno Domini was the best year of their life. Try to conjure up an argument with friends—double-masked and at least six feet apart—that these are the salad days for American society. What future writer will look back at this era of hysteria, misanthropy, tyranny, tribalism, and despair and scribe a “Wonder Years”-esque tome dipped in the golden hew of nostalgia? Who writes the Bob Seger song that pines for these days to come back to us, if only in our dreams?

So far, I have not even commented on what has happened in this calendar year. 2021 is Raul to 2020’s Fidel. Quieter, but still a murderer of liberty and freedom. Here we are on Day 135 of 2021 and many Americans still must live under the heel of autocratic politicians that believe they are the overlords of our lives. The threat of Marxist domestic terrorist groups that will destroy any of us if a light is shown on our dissent is clear and present. And the Democratic Party is openly attempting to seize the ultimate power that can fix and overturn elections to entrench their power against the will of the vox populi as the Corporate Media apparatus slovenly aids them. 

This is our dystopian existence. This is the horrific world we have created with our self-indulgent, collective narcissism. 

I want to finish this column on a positive note. I really do. I would like to continue thinking that America has always come through dark eras stronger and more determined to succeed. That is what my lifetime of education on our history tells us happens. I do not know if I see it. The level of polarization and disdain Americans have for each—and I am most certainly as guilty of this as anyone—may very well be unfixable. I want to be wrong on this assumption.

Today, I sat down and submitted a column. I love writing. I have not done this in over a year. Regardless of the quality of the content of this polemic, I can say I am doing things I enjoyed in March of 2020. That is good enough for today. 

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