Owens Uses Debate to Attack Love instead of Offering Solutions to Voters [UPH Wire]


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Contact: James Evans
Phone: 801.949.0955

*Owens Uses Debate to Attack Love instead of Offering Solutions to Voters*

Salt Lake City, UT– Doug Owens, once again, uses his time on The Doug Wright Show to tell voters what he doesn’t like about Mia Love’s stances instead of offering real solutions for Utah voters. Owens spent the majority of the hour-long debate attacking Mia Love for pushing for less federal government intrusion and more local control for Utahns.

“This kind of finger pointing and attacking is exactly what Democrats in Washington are doing and is precisely what has gotten our country into the mess we are in today,” said James Evans, Utah Republican Party Chair. “Mia is absolutely right about Democrat policies hurting the most vulnerable among us. Poverty is soaring, our debt is growing and the middle class keeps shrinking. Instead of telling Utahns how he will be different from the Democrats in Washington, Owens showed us how he will be exactly the same with no solutions and more playing the blame game.”

“Utah has been the model to the nation on what sound economic principles can do to lift up the poor, provide for those in need and solve difficult challenges,” said Evans. “Mia has run her campaign on raising the voice of Utah and voting for our Utah values. Utahns are ready for a leader like Mia who will push back against the Obama administration’s failing policies and get the federal government out of our way so we can be free to raise our children, run our businesses and contribute to our communities.”


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