Paul Mero Resigns as President of the Sutherland Institute

pm-c-w2Paul Mero, President of the Sutherland Institute, will resign from his position as the head of the conservative public policy think-tank.

Sources close to the Utah based Sutherland Institute say that the Board of Trustees has voted to ask for Mero to resign. The source did not cite a reason, except that Mero and the Board had different visions for the direction the Sutherland Institute should take.

“Disagreements often arise between a CEO and board, and this is what happened here,” Mero said in a statement on the Sutherland Institute’s site. “While disappointing, it became necessary. I have enjoyed every success and learned from every failure. Utah is a better place to live, work and raise a family because of Sutherland Institute.”

Mero has been a fixture in Utah politics in his role at the head of the Sutherland Institute. According to the Sutherland Institute’s site, prior to serving as President, Mero was the executive vice president of The Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society and has worked in the U.S. Congress serving two conservative House members. Mero has written many articles and co-authored a book, with Allan C. Carlson, The Natural Family: A Manifesto.

No indication has been given that the Sutherland Institute’s Board of Trustees has selected a replacement for Mero.  Stanford Swim will serve as acting CEO until a new president is selected.

“Paul has served faithfully and effectively as he has led Sutherland Institute from its infancy to becoming the most influential conservative voice in Utah,” Swim said. “While the board feels this change is necessary as we move into the future, we are grateful for his dedicated service. We will continue to be guided by our seven governing principles that allow faith, family and freedom to flourish in Utah.”

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