Polite Politics Podcast #4: Utah Speaker Greg Hughes, trade wars, and economics in-depth

PolitePoliticsLogoUtah House Speaker Greg Hughes joined the latest Polite Politics Podcast to talk about the unique part-time role of state legislators in Utah, the state’s economic success, and the anti-discrimination / religious freedom bill that won national acclaim.

The podcast also includes:

  • The Trade War between President Obama and Elizabeth Warren
  • Activists Exposed on a College Campus
  • An In-Depth Look at how Republicans and Democrats view Economics

Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast.

Here are sources on the podcast and some explanations referenced within it.

On Trade:

Activists Exposed:

  • Students try to get a climate change “denier’s” diploma revoked.

Republican Economics vs. Democrat Economics

  • Blue Model Explained by Walter Russell Mead in first third of this article.

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