Polling shows Herbert and Reyes on track for reelection…so far

Polling shows Herbert and Reyes on track for reelection...so far
Governor Gary Herbert

There’s no such thing as a sure thing in politics. But polling for Governor Gary Herbert and Attorney General Sean Reyes sure does look good right now.

Polling by Dan Jones during the last month shows both Herbert and Reyes pulling down more than 50% support for reelection.

While Herbert does slightly better among Republicans than Reyes (70% of GOPers want Herbert reelected to 62% for Reyes), the AG out paces the Governor among Democrats. Only 30% of Ds think Herbert should get a second term in the Governors mansion, while Reyes gets more generosity from the opposition, with 40% supporting him for a second term.

Polling shows Herbert and Reyes on track for reelection...so far
Attorney General Sean Reyes

It’s a good sign for both, but especially Reyes, who is relatively new to Utah voters. While Herbert has been on statewide ballots since 2004, Reyes has only been in the AG’s office since 2013 and is still building name ID with voters. Although the election is still 17 months away, it’s a great place to be without any apparent challengers, either from within or outside of Reyes’ Republican Party.

Though there are signs that he will have a intraparty challenger, at least in the person of Jonathan Johnson if not others, Governor Herbert is looking confident, as well. High approval within the party and strong support for reelection

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