Pox America

“Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

— Stealers Wheel

by Harry Caines

Most internet searches of my name and that of Donald Trump would reveal a litany of polemics published on cachaevalleydaily.com and Utah PoliticoHub in which I scathingly rebuke Trump, his presidential campaign, his presidency, and his supporters. I stand by those columns. For the most part, I was right about what was happening and what would come to pass.

In short, Donald Trump is a disaster as a president. If he ever tells the truth, it is accidental. For every sign that the economy is on the upswing, there is counterproof that suggests it is still stagnant. Those that were closest to him in 2016 have been proven by law to be foreign agents. And on matters of foreign policy, all that has come of the Trump Presidency is that Russia and China are stronger and more emboldened by the chaos caused by Trump’s schizophrenic actions on world events.

Again, that is “in short”. The long version is Tolstoy-esque.

Since festering in omnipresence to all Americans in 2015, Donald Trump has defied nearly every historic precedent and shattered every absolute spoken by just about everyone. If you would travel in a time machine to Philadelphia in the mid-1990s and tell the younger, slimmer, more productive version of myself that I would be living in Logan, Utah in 2016 and would scribe a column emphatically endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, I would fall to the ground in a hearty, teary guffaw.

Here America stands, two years into the muck of Trump’s presidency, and we are a country that is divided, tribalistic, paranoid and choking with unbridled rage. Yet, as bad as Trump is, sitting here by my laptop I am once again shocked to type words that I thought two years ago would be inconceivable in my mind.

Liberals are just as bad. On some subjects, they are worse.

I have always known there was a Loony Left—and that it is apropos to spell it as a proper noun. I published many columns ripping leftists. I am a leftist. I know my own. If allowed a moment of introspection, I can say that my own apoplectic rage at Trump’s ascension to the presidency may have blinded me to the extent many of my fellow liberals are out of touch with reality.

Example: Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

As a caveat, allow me to say that I did not want Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court. His prior opinions regarding the reach of executive power run contrary to my belief that POTUS should have limited powers.

Where I drew the line was openly agreeing with the metaphorical crucifixion that liberals set up Kavanaugh to have him denied the seat. His original accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, could not remember where the party took place at which she was allegedly assaulted by Kavanaugh. The names she gave of those present at the gathering all denied knowledge of the party. The Democrats in the U.S. Senate that knew about Blasey Ford kept the story silent until it was apparent Kavanaugh would be confirmed, and then they hurled this nonsense as a Hail Mary pass.

The result? Totally unhinged leftists swarmed into Washington, D.C. demanding that evidence be damned. Anecdotal stories of sexual assaults were enough to tear down Kavanaugh. And the news media helped.

CNN, the network that wants us to know in its TV commercials that an apple is an apple, went bananas. They piled on with as many accusers as you could find anywhere outside of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”. Fitting analogy.

Consider that during the apex of hysteria, CNN broke into their coverage to show a live news conference from a man who knew Brett Kavanaugh in college. He never saw Kavanaugh commit any crimes, but he saw Kavanaugh drunk more than once. A college guy drunk is only a crime at BYU. Everywhere else, it is normal.

Nothing came of the accusations. But the Left felt it was their moral duty to stop Kavanaugh, so the truth was expendable. In liberal reckoning, whoever screams loudest and hurls the most spittle wins the argument.

Wants more examples? If I listed them all, would you really commit to reading a 25,000-word opinion column?

It just does not relate to Trump. Whether it is “rush to judgment” faux outrage over edited videos of Kentucky teenagers being confronted by nutjob protesters in Washington, D.C. last week, or the rite of purification one must endure before they are anointed to the sacrosanct position of Oscar host, the lunatics on social media and on the cancerous panels of the 24/7 news channels must express their indignation at things that really do not matter in the slightest.

(SIDE NOTE: Kevin Hart should not have been disqualified for his hideously ignorant and homophobic comments from years ago. He did not host the Oscars because he is not funny. I never heard him tell a joke on a stage or in a movie that made me laugh. Not one.)

When I opined years ago that Trump blew the clarion call of racist, rural White Americans to his quest, I was right. What I know now, what makes me shiver with resigned cynicism, is that Trump was not the problem. Trump was the rotting flesh that came from the symptoms of the problem being incubated during the last three decades of the Internet Age.

It is all about the individual. Get yours and to Hades with anyone else. Others that disagree with you are either racist, bigoted, privileged or just plain ol’ evil. Trump supporters find strength under the cloak of a red hat and the Left justify their equally bad behavior whilst marching under the banner with the word RESIST emblazoned upon it.

A pox on all Americans. When the Left wishes to curb free speech, vilify those who do not bow in submission to the Twitter edicts of their totalitarian, socialist doxa and alter human behavior with McCarthyistic tactics, they are not morally superior to Trump. They are Trump.

Trump won. His defiance to even the most minuscule a priori rules of tact, humanity and decency are now practiced daily and unabashed by those that oppose him. He wanted an even playing ground. He wanted us all to give in to hate and want to cut corners regarding civility. The more we became like him, the more he became normal—despite how awful normal has become.

These opinions should not give the reader any belief whatsoever that I approve of Trump or Trumpism. They are both acrid to my senses. I cannot see a day coming where I support him or what he stands for. Of course, I never saw myself voting enthusiastically for Hillary Clinton until it happened.

To beat monsters, we all have become monsters.   

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