Praying for the Lockharts

Praying for the LockhartsIn politics it’s easy to caricature. One action, one vote, one public statement – and we clamor to mock, to ridicule, to label, and to gossip. Snark is easy and public service is hard.

It is easy to forget the humanness.

Yesterday, we were all reminded.

The announcement that former Speaker Becky Lockhart is ill sent a wave of shock through Utah’s political community, and we remembered.  Becky Lockhart is more than the former Speaker. She is a wife, a mother, a daughter.

Her husband, Stan, is part of our Utah Politico Hub family, and we have enjoyed our association.

We are not alone. Almost everyone in Utah politics has worked with the Lockharts.

Becky, while always a vigorous political fighter, is a kind and warm person. We hope that as she, Stan, and their family face this trial that fighting spirit will win out.

For now we join in the praying. We’ll pray for healing, for strength, for peace. For their family. For their children. For Stan. For Becky.

Karen Peterson
Daniel Burton
Shon Harris
Holly Richardson
Curt Bentley
Jesse Harris
John English

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