President Trump! Now what?

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

The election surprise of a new century is complete. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is President Elect. So now what? For those who have been paying attention, this outcome seemed most likely if your research came from anywhere outside the mainstream media, which is now a smoldering ruin for anyone who dares to think independently. A President-Elect Trump has many ramifications for our country.

While Clinton lovers and liberals everywhere cry in their milk, protesters, likely backed by Soros dollars, take to the streets. The damage of eight years of Obama’s neo-Marxist divisiveness is showing. While Trump makes a perfect scapegoat for the left’s woes, and unrest may be the order of the day, a Trump administration has a grand opportunity to reverse some of the damage fiscal and political irresponsibility have engendered for well over a decade. A few of the main issues that need to be immediately addressed by the soon-to-be President Trump are discussed below:

Economic Markets

The Dow soared in response to Trump’s victory. What will the financial markets continue to do in response to Trump? If he is savvy, and he probably is, he knows that the economy is in bad shape, propped up on artificially low interest rates and Federal Reserve smoke and mirrors. Expect some adjustment in the markets as bankers and financiers everywhere wonder if and when Trump will demand the re-establishment of sound economic and monetary principles.

Special Interests

The “drain the swamp” maxim was repeated heartily during Trump’s campaign. The blowback from actually trying to curtail the Washington Insider gravy train could be immense. While Trump will actually have a Republican Congress to work with, it is unclear whether an abundance of RINOs and Neo-cons will impede any real progress in limiting spending and restoring our budget. Corruption runs deep in Washington, and it will be a herculean task to clean it up.

National Debt

Perhaps the most significant issue confronting America is the restructuring of our debt. Trump has stated that would be the first item he addresses. Can he get domestic and foreign interests to play ball? That is a tough question. But we need serious action to prevent an eventual economic meltdown, both here and abroad.


Repeal and replace. Very simple. Allowing insurers to cross state lines creating national competition between carriers is not a half bad idea either. Keep a failsafe plan for the traditionally uninsurable or pre-existent individuals. That was the only benefit Obamacare provided.

Entitlements and Political Correctness

Failed liberal policies masked by politically correct dogma may be on the outs with Trump presidency. If America is to have true social reform, entitlement reform and a path of escape for minorities and poverty ridden communities, real social and economic facts and principles must be brought into the discussion and form policy. The Democrat “plantation” mentality has to go the way of the dinosaur. Straight talk needs to result in straight action. No apologies needed.


Trump is mostly correct on his condemnation of many of the deals we now have in place, such as NAFTA, all with a penchant to reassign labor costs and export jobs overseas. He needs to squash the TPP and other instruments that would export both economic means and sovereignty and legislative control associated with global corporate issues.


Would someone please stem the tide of illegal immigration and create a rational pathway to citizenship for those who wish to assimilate and pursue the American dream? Anyone? Wall or no wall, just put some consistent and reasonable policy in place. Then enforce it consistently as well.

Foreign Relations

The world has become a much more unstable and dangerous place under Obama, much of it his own doing. Trump is right to want to strengthen the military and re-establish American power across the globe. He just needs to do it sparingly and where it is needed most. Most of our past traditional allies would agree and would love to see America act like America used to act, establishing peace through strength, deterring bad actors while aiding benevolent administrations.


A decisive action could squash terrorism in its isolated pockets in a matter of weeks. If it becomes too dangerous for such operatives to poke their heads out of their holes, their activities will slow down immensely. It is reported that Trump has already contacted Vladimir Putin to coordinate a swift demise of ISIS in a joint effort.

Big Government

Trump would truly make waves if he started to downsize the government like a failing corporation, an unfortunate inevitability. It would create a political firestorm as every department in the government vies to be the one not under the budgetary ax. But it needs to be done, one way or another.

Energy Independence

The biggest lie Hillary Clinton told in her campaign was that “America is now energy independent.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump needs to deregulate nuclear power, establish the XL Pipeline and open the door for proper use of our own natural resources. Oil natural gas and coal, while dirtier fossil fuels, can restore economic prosperity and fund the clean energy systems of the future. Clean energy will come eventually, but it is fossil fuels that rule the day. At least for a little while longer. Weaning America from the OPEC teat is a top priority.

National Unity

Obama did a fine job of fractionalizing and dividing the nation. Trump could undo that as fast as one of Obama’s Executive orders if he reaches out with real intent. America’s greatness lies in the diversity of her people. We can pull together if our cause is just. And restoring a prosperous (and more virtuous) nation is cause indeed.

It remains to be seen whether the Executive Trump and Reality Star Trump can mature into the Statesman Trump. As a Washington outsider, he has an unprecedented opportunity. He has the chance to truly surround himself with the best and brightest, and many of those would likely no political aspirations to protect. He is a unique and independent force, beholden to no one but himself. If that internal vision has virtue and is centered on solid principle, America has a chance. If not, Trump could do more damage than good. Only time will tell. If Trump could pull all of this off, they should make more room on Mt. Rushmore. If not, our future remains uncertain. These events unquestionably have been and will continue to be historic.

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