Press statement: Closed-door Medicaid negotiations [UPH Wire]

Maryann Martindale
Executive Director, Alliance for a Better UTAH
801.557.1532 |
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, March 25, 2015
More closed-door decisions.
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Salt Lake City — Governor Herbert has decided to conduct important
medicaid expansion discussions, that affect over one-hundred thousand
Utahns, behind closed doors.
The Alliance for a Better UTAH has released the following statement in
response to the most recent votes against Healthy Utah:
“The frustration of Utahns at the unwillingness of our legislature to pass
Healthy Utah is exacerbated by the Governor’s decision to conduct important
public business behind closed doors.” said Maryann Martindale, executive
director. “Not only has the governor refused to include any democratic
representation but he has also excluded the public from participating,
leaving out, once again, the very people who are most impacted.”
“Holding these discussions in private only serves to shield legislators
from their own constituents, allowing them to hide their true views from
public debate. A decision of this magnitude, three years in the making and
supported by the majority of Utahns, deserves public scrutiny and
“In the interest of transparency and fairness, we ask the Governor to
reconsider his decision and hold these meetings in public.”
Alliance for a Better Utah | 801.557.1532 |
The Alliance for a Better UTAH is a year-round, multi-issue education and
advocacy organization providing resources, commentary, and action on
important public policy matters.

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