What is Private Property and How Important Is It?



Private property has three main benefits for individuals that I have identified. There may well be more, but these are the three that seem most important to me.

  1. Private Property delineates the sphere in which an individual can act without infringing upon the rights of others. The individual can choose how he uses it, when he can use it, and to what ends he can use it for.
  2. Private Property, if used properly, will allow the individual to become self sufficient. Not in the idea that the individual produces everything he consumes, but rather that he has been able to create value for others, receive remuneration for such value, and purchase the things that have been made by others which are of value to him. In this manner there exists an interdependency but not a dependencyprofit-and-loss-sign-150x150 on any one given individual (Be that a king, lord, clergyman, Government, etc).
  3. Private Property allows the individual to receive market signals that inform whether or not their activity is valued by others. This system is better known as the profit and loss system.

Consideration of these three points will show that the right and control of property is essential for free agency.

It creates an environment where the individual is free to act but also gives structure and bounds to that freedom by delineating individual spheres of influence.

It is because of this reason that the right to and control of property is the fundamental requisite of all other rights.

With the removal of private property, natural law as expressed in the US Constitution begins to breakdown. People no longer have a delineated sphere of action whereby they are capable of knowing how far to extend their individual action.


The effects of this are obvious to any conscious observer.

True law is supplanted by arbitrary man made decrees and legislation. No longer is the individual the supreme in society, but rather a servant to it. And this is the beginning of evil.  Legislation is passed based on the so called societal necessity or public good, and is not judged according to its consistency with natural law. It is for the protection of the people, politicians cry, which justifies any and all intrusion into individual lives. We have seen this with a host of state and federal laws such as the Patriot Act, ObamaCare, Environmental laws, Dark Sky laws, etc.

It is upon this premise that governments enlarge their power at the expense of individual rights. God and natural law are replaced by the so-called omnipotent state and the people are reduced to the statues of slaves.

The Government becomes the grantor of all rights which are by this point usually defined in ambiguous terms of social justice. Eventually the wicked rule and the people mourn! And let me be very clear with this point here, ANY preemptive intrusion into the individual lives of citizens by the government, where the individual is not the aggressor on any ones individual rights is a violation of free agency and is not justifiable according to natural law.

It matters not whether the intrusion is based upon the common good, social justice, religious beliefs and opinions, or edicts of a dictator.

The result is the same.



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