Questions to ask Democratic candidates in the CBS debate

This week Fox Business Network proved a political debate can actually be about substance if the moderators want it to be.

Questions to ask Democratic candidates in the CBS debate
by Tyler Page

Even more impressive, they got substantive positions out of candidates while still getting astronomical ratings for a primary debate. Neil Cavuto in particular followed up with candidates who strayed from their questions and forced them to indicate support or opposition to various issues: $15 minimum wage hike, etc.

This is good for America. And in the spirit of good debate, here are a list of substantive questions that moderators Saturday, or journalists anytime, should be asking the three remaining Democratic candidates:

  • You’ve each talked about how income inequality makes America a worse place.
    • Please define income inequality.
    • Explain how much of it is acceptable in a modern nation.
    • Tell us what action you would take to change this.
  • We have recently seen turmoil on multiple college campuses because some students claim their universities are not space spaces. Some critics from your political ideology and party say these protesters have gone too far and undermine free speech. Some noted liberals have even gone so far as to compare these protests to fascism.
    • Are you on the side of the students at Yale and Mizzou?
    • How much free speech should exist on college campuses?
    • What would you do as president to promote this view?
  • Each of you have spoken about the problem of climate change; however, we rarely discuss the costs of addressing it, the ability of mankind to do so, and the lost production that would ensue if we did.
    • How much GDP is it worth losing in order to stop climate change?
    • How much climate change is too much?
    • Are you willing to let entire nations starve or stay in abject poverty if it will help us slow climate change?
  • Each of you is on record opposing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which was actually about you, Secretary Clinton. During the 2008 campaign, Citizens United wanted to show a documentary about you, but the FEC said it couldn’t because it said the documentary was really just an advertisement. The Supreme Court overruled them in Citizens United.
    • Should the Supreme Court have allowed the movie to be banned?
    • What role should the government play in deciding what is a documentary vs. an advertisement?
    • How would you revise the First Amendment to prevent billionaires and corporations from spending in elections but protect TV shows like Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show that would have been in jeopardy had the court sided with the FEC?
  • As media, we crawl all over ourselves to ask Republican candidates which exceptions to abortion laws they favor and even if they would abort baby Hitler. So, to be fair, we want to ask you the pro-choice equivalent questions:
    • At what point in a pregnancy should it become illegal to abort a fetus?
    • What about a child that can come out of the womb and live on its own today?

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